• For all employees eligible for insurance benefits, there are TWO OPEN ENROLLMENTS that are mandatory. 

    KEHP Online Enrollment for Health Insurance


    Cafeteria Plan Enrollment with Annuity Associates at your school.


    2019 KEHP (Kentucky Employee Health Plan) Health Insurance Open Enrollment is October 8th through October 26th.

    (NOTE: The last two weeks of KEHP enrollment are during the SCPS Fall Break. You will not be able to log in after the 26th.) 

    Health insurance and waiver enrollments are still MANDATORY for every employee.
    This is an active enrollment and EVERYONE must make an election even if you are not making changes. 

    "I waive insurance, do I need to?" YES
    "I'm new, my insurance just started, do I need to?" YES
    "I don't need insurance, do I need to?" YES
    "I want everything to stay the same, do I need to?" YES

    If you do not enroll, you will default into the LivingWell High Deductible Plan at whatever coverage level (i.e. single, parent plus, etc.) you had last year! 


    NEW FOR 2019: 

    1. All KEHP Health plans are LivingWell plans and employees must complete the LivingWell Promise between January 1, 2019 - July 1, 2019.  
    2. The LivingWell CDHP couple and family coverage levels have $8/$10 per month increases. 
    3. The LivingWell Well Basic CDHP is similar to the Standard CDHP, except you must fulfill the LivingWell Promise in 2019 and the prescriptions available are mainly generic.  
    4. The Standard PPO plan is no longer available.
    5. LivingWell Limited High Deductible plan is new for 2019.  It has a low monthly premium, but a very high deductible, $4,000 for single plans and $8,000 for all others.  
    6. Optional Dental and Vision insurance is available as a 2019 KEHP benefit.   Plan and premium information is available on pages 24-29 in the 2019 Benefits Selection Guide.  This is an optional benefit, so you do not need to select one of these plans.  These are new plans,  the plans with Delta Dental and Avesis will still be available with the cafeteria plans through Annuity Associates.  
    7. The Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (FSA) maximum annual contribution increased to $2,650.


    1. Use the letter you received in the mail.
      1. It will be from (Kentucky Employees Health Plan) Department of Employee Insurance.
      2. It will contain your user ID (listed as KHRIS User ID) and information on how to enroll
      3. If you have not received a letter (or have lost it,) please contact KEHP. The information found on page 34 of your 2019 KEHP Benefits Selection Guide will help.
    2. This link will take you to the 2019 KEHP Benefits Selection Guide. It is the resource you will need to use to make your selection.
    3. TO ENROLL, GO TO THIS LINK: https://khris.ky.gov/irj/portal
      1. You will need to reset your password by choosing Forgot/Reset Password or New User.


    1. Dental and vision insurance is available now through KEHP.  It is OPTIONAL.  You can still choose Delta Dental and Avesis Vision through the Cafeteria Plans with Annuity Associates. 
    2. There are three tiers in the KEHP Plans.  Bronze. Silver. Gold. 
    3. Information is available on pages 24 -- 29 of your 2019 KEHP Benefits Selection guide. 


    1. If you don't elect a plan or waive insurance, you will default into the LivingWell Limited High Deductible plan with the same coverage level as in 2018.
    2. Information regarding dependents: 
      1. Dependents must be listed and selected on your application in order to be added to any plan
    3. Enrolling in a Waiver (general purpose) or Waiver (dental/vision) accessed by your WAGEWORKS Card:
      1. All dependents who will use the HRA funds must be listed and eligible.
      2. Must list the other group health plan coverage name and the policy #.
    4. HRAs attached to the CDHP Plans accessed by your WAGEWORKS Card:
      1. Single CDHP Plans - only the employee can use the HRA
      2. ParentPlus / Couple / Family / Cross-Reference can only use HRA funds for dependents listed on the Health Plan.
    5. Unfulfilled LivingWell Promises:
      1. Employees who did not fulfill their LivingWell Promise in 2018 will see an increase in the price of their premium.
    6. Cross-Referencing:
      1. If you have a family CROSS-REFERENCE plan, you can now online in KHRIS!
    7. If you are a dependent employee of SCPS and a dependent on a KEHP parent plus or family plan, you must enroll first before the plan holder can enroll.





    2019 Cafeteria Plan Open Enrollment is coming soon. The Cafeteria Plan representatives from Annuity Associates will be in our district October 8 - October 12 and again on October 29 - November 9.

    The district’s third-party administrator, Annuity Associates, Inc., will be at each school or location shown on the schedule below to assist employees during the open enrollment period.

    Please note:  Each eligible employee, including those new employees who recently completed the 2018 enrollment process, must meet with Annuity Associates, Inc. during the open enrollment for 2019 and complete the enrollment form required by the IRS, otherwise the employee will not have any pre-tax benefits starting January 1, 2019.  This is an IRS requirement, so the district has no flexibility. 

    10/8      Mon.   8:00 – 4:00 Shelby County High School

     10/9     Tues.  8:00-4:00 Collins High School

     10/10   Wed.   7:30 –3:30 Simpsonville Elementary

     10/11   Thur.   7:45 – 10:30 Bus Garage

                          11:30 – 2:30 Shelby County Big Picture Learning @ JCTC

    `                    11:30 – 4:00 West Middle

    10/12 .  Fri.     8:00 – 4:00 Central Office (including Maintenance)


    10/29    Mon. 7:30 – 4:00 Clear Creek Elementary School

    10/30    Tues. 7:30 – 4:00 Wright Elementary School

    10/31    Wed. 7:30 – 4:00 Southside Elementary School

     11/1    Thur. 7:30-4:00 Painted Stone Elementary School

     11/2    Fri.    8:00-4:00 East Middle School

                        9:00-3:00 Northside Early Childhood

     11/5    Mon. 8:00-12:00 Shelby Co High School

                        12:30-4:00 Collins High School

    11/6    Tues. Election Day – School Closed

     11/7    Wed.  7:30-4:00 Heritage Elementary School

     11/8   Thurs. 7:45 – 10:30 Bus Garage

                         11:30-4:00 Central Office

     11/9   Fri.  8:00-5:00 Central Office - Make-up Day

    The last day of enrollment on November 10th will be the final opportunity for employees to complete the cafeteria plan enrollment. Please don’t miss out, since the tax savings are significant for pre-tax benefits.

    Also, bus drivers can enroll at any elementary school after their morning run or prior to their afternoon run.

     Central Office and Maintenance personnel may enroll at any school on any day.

     Cafeteria Plan Options (dental, vision, etc.)

    The Cafeteria Plan Options are different from health insurance and state life insurance. These benefits include dental plans, cancer insurance, vision coverage, short-term disability insurance, long-term disability insurance, additional term life insurance, tax-deferred retirement plans, charitable contributions, and dues. As required by the IRS, you MUST meet with a representative from Annuity Associates each year.

    To view a digital version of the 2019 Cafeteria Plan Employee Benefits Guide, click here.


    CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE - Receive a lump sum cash benefit, up to a maximum, paid directly to you for approved claims.

    See the information here for plan information.


    ACCIDENT INSURANCE - Plan pays cash benefits that may be used to meet deductibles, satisfy co-pays, etc.

    Click here to learn more.


    DENTAL - There are two choices for dental insurance. They are listed below. Both are through Delta Dental.

    1) Delta Dental PPO Dental PPO+Premiere - Under this plan, you may use your benefits in-network or out-of-network with a deductible of $25 for single coverage and a maximum of $75 per family. Preventative services are covered at 100% (with no deductible), minor care is covered at 80% after deductible, and major care (including implants) is covered at 50% after deductible. There are orthodontic services included for dependent children up to age 19. There is a 12 month waiting period for Major and Orthodontic services but that will be waived for anyone currently enrolled in any dental plan and for new hires. The annual maximum, excluding ortho, is $1,000 per covered participant. 

    For a summary of benefits, click here.

    Participants in this plan may choose from two dentist networks:

    PPO Dentist directory

    Premiere Dentist Directory

    2) Delta Dental DeltaCare - This plan includes the advantages of no waiting periods, no office visit co-pays, no deductibles, no claim forms, no extra lab fee charges for crowns or dentures, and orthodontics for children and adults. There is also no annual maximum benefit. You do not have to pre-select a dentist but you must go to a dentist with the DeltaCare network.

    Click here for a list of participating dentists.

    For a summary of benefits, click here.



    Avesis - Click here for more information.



    Sun Life - Click here for more information.