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  • Welcome Back!

    Posted by Melanie Madison on 8/18/2022

    Hello Heritage Families!

    I am excited to say WELCOME BACK!  This year feels different because it is truly “welcome back” into our building after 2½ years of shut-down and restrictions due to our world-wide pandemic.

    Our building is open, and we are excited to have our families and events back in full swing.  Come join us for monthly Title I Family Nights, volunteer to work in classrooms and attend field trips, come eat lunch with your son/daughter, celebrate learning through exhibitions and awards ceremonies, etc.  The opportunities for you to join us are endless!  Welcome Back!

    As we begin our year, you will notice our new mission to Encourage, Empower, and Excel in all we do.  We commit to do the following each and every day:

     Encourage everyone to love and support each other always.

    Empower students and staff to become the leaders they are meant to be.

    Excel in our emotional and academic growth. 


    Join us in accomplishing the mission to Encourage, Empower, and Excel!

    In order for our partnership to be successful, communication is key.  Please feel free to come in and offer suggestions, discuss concerns, or just join in creating and implementing the map of success for your child.  My door is always open.  Stop in for a quick visit or stay for a while; your input is an essential component to your child’s success.  If a personal visit is not an option, please call or email.  My goal is to return emails or calls within 24 hours.  I value this important time we have together and look forward to working with you.



    J.J. Black


    (502) 829-5242

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  • Heritage Elementary: Who We Are

    Posted by JJ Black on 2/24/2020

    Welcome to Heritage Elementary!

    Enter our doors; join our family!

         Heritage is a place where we "Soar to Excellence" through positive relationships and high expectations!

         From the day our youngest learners join our family until the night our 5th graders are promoted to 6th grade, we focus on student growth:  social, emotional, and intellectual.  Each day is a new opportunity to support each child as (s)he grows toward who (s)he will become.

         Do you want your child to love and serve others, persevere through difficulty, and strive to be better tomorrow than (s)he is today? YES!  Then come be a part of the Heritage legacy and watch your Eagle soar!


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  • Welcome to Heritage Elementary 2018-19

    Posted by JJ Black on 7/25/2018

    Welcome to Heritage Elementary where all students are empowered to become life-long leaders through personalization of learning.

    Our students . . . 

    • receive timely, individualized support based upon their specific needs.
    • advance in learning according to mastery.
    • reach learning outcomes that emphasize application and creation of knowledge, along with the development of skills.

    Come join us on our journey of learning!

     To learn more about Personalized Learning, enjoy the informative link below.

    Personalized Learning at Heritage Elementary

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  • What does your culture compel in others?

    Posted by JJ Black on 1/12/2018

    What does your culture compel in others?

    What does the culture of my classroom, my home, my life encourage others around me to do?

    Does it COMPEL excellence in everything you and those around you do?

    Ron Berger says,

    The key to excellence is this:  It is born from a culture.  When children enter a family culture, a community culture, or a school culture that demands and supports excellence, they work to fit into THAT CULTURE.

    A culture of excellence transcends race, class, and geography; it doesn’t matter what color, income, or background the children come from.  Once those children enter a culture with a powerful ethic, that ethic becomes their norm.  It’s what they know.

    Let's work together to create a culture of excellence for our students EVERY day!

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  • The Pursuit of Excellence

    Posted by JJ Black on 12/1/2017

    The Pursuit of Excellence!

    In his book An Ethic of Excellence, Rob Berger describes what he desires of his classroom.

     "In my classroom, I have students who come from homes full of books and students whose families own almost no books at all.  I have students for whom reading, writing, and math come easily and students whose brains can’t follow a line of text without reversing words and letters, students who can’t line up numbers correctly on a page.  I have students whose lives are generally easy and students with physical disabilities, and health or family problems that make life a struggle.  I want them all to be craftsmen.  Some may take a little longer to produce things, some may need to use extra strategies and resources.  In the end, they need to be proud of their work and their work needs to be worthy of pride!"

    As we pursue excellence, let’s make sure our students are proud of their work and their work is worthy of pride!



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  • September Blog

    Posted by JJ Black on 9/6/2017

    Hello Heritage Families:

         Wow!  We are well into our 2nd month of school, and everyone is working hard!  September hosts two of our most fun events each year:  our fall book fair and Grandparents' Day.  

         Our book fair is September 11-15 with a student preview day on Friday, Sept. 8th. Students can shop before school, during recess, or after school until 3:00.  The book fair will also be open on Thursday evening, September 14th from 3:00 - 6:00 for your shopping convenience.  

         Our annual Grandparents' Day lunch is Wednesday, September 13th.  Please join your grandchild(ren) for lunch, and enjoy time shopping together at the book fair.  If you are unsure of your grandchild(ren)'s lunch time, feel free to call the school.  502 829-5242.  We will be happy to help you!

    Happy September!

    Mrs. Black

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  • Solar Eclipse

    Posted by JJ Black on 8/14/2017

    Hello Heritage Families,

    On Monday, August 21st, our students will be participating in a “once in a life-time” opportunity as we view the Solar Eclipse.

    Teachers and students have been discussing, studying, and learning about this upcoming phenomenon for the past 2 weeks and will continue through next week.

    On Monday, the school, as a whole, will be going outside to view the eclipse.  The district has provided safety glasses for all students to wear and take home.  We will go outside around 1:15. Teachers will be conducting a variety of lessons while viewing the eclipse.  The amount of time spent outside will vary according to age level; however, all ages will be outside long enough to witness the transition of the eclipse and discuss what they see.

     All viewing will be completed by 2:15 in order for students to prepare for our regularly-scheduled dismissal.

     If you and your family have plans to miss school for eclipse viewing purposes, please contact our office at 502 829-5242 regarding an educational enhancement opportunity form (EHO).

     Thank you in advance for helping us make this event truly memorable!


     Johnna M. Black

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  • Welcome Back!

    Posted by JJ Black on 7/14/2017

    Hello Heritage Families!

    Welcome to the 2017-18 school year!  We are excited to begin another school year!  As always, our goal is to partner with you to help your child reach his/her dreams and aspirations!

    Our students are gifted with such leadership potential.  It is our privilege and honor to grow your child into the leader he/she is meant to be.  Thank you for granting us this awesome opportunity and responsibility.  We look forward to beginning (and continuing) this journey together!

    Let’s start growing!

    Mrs. J.J. Black

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  • 6/1/17

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 6/1/2017

    Check back often.

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