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  • What is a Profile of a Graduate?

    Posted by Abbigail Long on 12/14/2023

    "A community-wide vision statement describing what a learner should know and be able to do before he or she graduates from the school."

         - Transforming Schools, Bob Lenz

    Shelby County Public Schools: Profile of a Graduate

    • Critical Thinker

    • Responsible Collaborator

    • Lifelong Learner

    • Effective Communicator

    • Global Citizen 

    • Inspired Innovator


    Changes in society are driving the need for change in education. We have experienced an information revolution that has changed the world forever and we now live in a global, knowledge-based economy that emphasizes ideas and innovations. 


    We also face complex political, scientific, health and environmental problems that need to be solved. These societal changes and challenges impact how we define student readiness for the future. To achieve 21st-century readiness for every student, developing a shared vision among all key stakeholders regarding the skills that students need to be successful in work, citizenship, and life is critical.



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