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    Posted by Lorri Stivers on 7/14/2017

    What an exciting time in teaching and learning at Shelby County West Middle School!  As we learn more about how to effectively lead learning for your child, your child's offerings and educational experiences continue to grow in many exciting ways. Last year WMS made the collective decision to move toward Standards-Based Grading in order to make meaning of grades.  This school year, students, teachers, and families learned to navigate this new grading system and almost 9 months into the journey we've learned many lessons and have come away with a better understanding of what it is to master standards!  Students have shifted their conversations from percentages and A's B's with little understanding of their learning journey to having much deeper discussions of their levels of mastery and a clearer understanding of what needs to occur for individual growth!  That's a win-win.  But our learning hasn't stopped there.

    WMS believes in the power of "Servant Leadership." Servant Leadership is the when we lead by working to improve or enrich someone's life.  Here's how WMS Warriors served this year:

    1. One Warm Coat-student-led coat drive to benefit the homeless (68 coats were collected)
    2. Love the Hungry-26,000 meals were packed by students, staff, SCPS employees, families, and community members.  Shelbyville Rotary made this possible and people in Shelby County to Haiti benefited from those meals!
    3. Project Linus-148 no sew fleece blankets were made by all WMS students!  Those blankets went to law enforcement, first responders, and hospitals to help children in crisis! 
    4. Pennies for Patients-We raised $4,482for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association!  We exceeded our goal of $4,000!
    5.     We raised over $800.00 to support Central Community Schools in Louisana after flooding shut down their schools.  
    6.     Supporting our PSE teachers.  Students collected pencils, band-aids and other items for PSE teachers at Christmas time.  
    7. Many more projects are underway! Servant leaders can be found in every student at WMS!

    Throughout the last year, WMS teachers have used PBLs (project based learning) in their teaching.  Passion projects are a favorite of students along with opportunity in some classes called "genius hour."  Student voice, student choice, flipped and blended learning opportunities grow every day and students are afforded more say in the path, place, and pace at which they are learning.  The journey of personalized learning for both students and staff continues for the coming year!  As a result, several personalized professional development experiences, teacher research, and a powerful trip to Waukesha, Wisconsin, a focused team of educators created "The Rock Academy" which will follow a school-within-a-school model!  Rock students will experience a flexible learning environment that will employ all attributes of a personalized learning experience.  If your child is not involved with "The Rock Academy" next year, no worries.  Every teacher is expected to offer more personalized learning opportunities for each and every warrior.  

    So, why all of the changes?  Simply put, the better we are at empowering each and every student to own their learning, explore their curiosities, and pursue their dreams, every student wins! And when every student wins, every family and community wins!  And in order to achieve this awesome mission, your WMS faculty and staff are committed to growing in our craft and offering learning experiences targeted at growing the whole student. We invite you to join us on this awesome journey by learning more about what we do! 

    Bottom line: We Grow. You (students, families, & community) Grow. 

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  • 6/1/17

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 6/1/2017

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