SCPS Virtual Academy
  • Welcome to Shelby County’s Virtual Learning Academy, “Cultivate”.

    ** The Application is closed for the 2018-19 School Year. The 2019-20 Application will open Wednesday, May 1st**


    The Cultivate Virtual Learning Academy is an independent learning pathway using the online curriculum from Edgenuity for students 6th - 12th grades currently enrolled in Shelby County Public Schools.   Check out the following link for information on Edgenuity’s online learning curriculum


    The purpose of Cultivate is to provide highly motivated, independent working students the opportunity to accelerate their class and credit completion and/or early graduation.

    Is this a good fit for me?

    Successful students participating in Cultivate demonstrate the following characteristics:

    Highly motivated




    Strong study skills

    Students seeking accelerated credit accumulation

    Independent working students

    Previous successful school experience 

    Responsibilities of a Cultivate student:

    1. Complete daily assignments
    2. Meet with Advisor weekly
    3. Create and implement a set daily schedule for class completion
    4. Follow the assigned test schedule from the Course Map in Edgenuity and Cultivate
    5. Complete fall and spring Defense of Learning Exhibitions

    Responsibilities of Cultivate Parents/Guardians:

    1. Log-in to Edgenuity daily to check:

      1. “Course Completed” (should be blue or green)
      2. “Attendance Log” (1-2 hours per class per day)
      3. “Completion of Daily Assignments”  (look for the green check mark)

    2. Ensure your child:

      1. has access to wifi daily
      2. attends their Weekly Advisory Meeting
      3. attends their proctored summative assessments
      4. attends all Cultivate events
      5. attends all required district and state testing events
      6. completes fall and spring semester Defense of Learning Exhibitions

    How do I apply?

    1. Meet with your School Counselor
    2. Review your current grades, Transition Readiness plan, and Personalized Learning Plan to determine if this is the learning pathway for you.
    3. If so, please complete the Cultivate Virtual Learning Academy application.
    4. Application link - available May 1st!
    5. The School Counselor will contact Mrs. Shipley and/or Mrs. Burgin.
    6. Mrs. Shipley or Mrs. Burgin will contact the family to schedule their interview.

    Feel free to contact Mrs. Michelle Shipley, Principal for “Cultivate” or Mrs. Caytie Burgin, the Virtual Learning Facilitator for “Cultivate”.

    Give us a call at 502.647.4677 for additional information.