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  • While they possess content expertise, our teachers specialize in the growth of your child.  The instructional practices used in this building are student-centered, not grade level specific.  We commit to coming alongside of you, the parent, in guiding your child through their nine year journey at MCMS.

School Rendering
  • Welcome to our family! 

    The following staff has been hired as of 5/30/19.  More to come!

    Donna Jones Hocker, Principal

    Toni Moore, Assistant Principal

     Rosie Galindo, Counselor

    Hollie Raley, Student Assistance Counselor

    Karem Tejeda, Receptionist/Attendance

    Karen Cottrell, Bookkeeper

    Jennifer Young, Personalized Learning Coach

    Ayanna Peak, Psychologist

    Leah Barrett, Mental Health Consultant

    Amy Owsley, Kindergarten Teacher

    Mary Emma Darst, Kindergarten Teacher

    Krista Hardesty, Teacher

    Molly Hefner, Teacher

    Laura Storm, Teacher

    Sarah Smith, Teacher

    Sarah Jasper, Teacher

    Tracy Hargrove, Instructional Assistant

    Kyler Dugle, Teacher

    Eve Brand, Teacher

    Kristen Martin, Teacher

    Samantha Hagerman, Teacher

    Melissa Chesterfield, Teacher

    Rachel Kinsey, Teacher

    Alexis Tickle, Teacher

    Thea Smith, Teacher

    Leanne Sparks, Teacher

    James Wampler, Teacher

    Blake Traylor, Teacher

    Aja Leachman, Teacher

    Jolie Beville, Teacher

    Amanda Peterman, Teacher

    Ginger Reed, Teacher

    Cory Logsdon, Teacher

    Amy Chase, Teacher

    Salem Smith, Teacher

    Mackenzie King, Teacher

    Holly Roberts, Teacher

    Maretta Beach, Instructional Assistant

    Natalie Goss, Instructional Assistant

    Brittany Robinson, Instructional Assistant

    Caroline Alicia Tipton, Instructional Assistant

    Lori Brown, Instructional Assistant

    Karen McPherson, TAG Teacher

    Tim Pardee, PE Teacher

    Summer Shannon, Teacher

    John Melton, Teacher

    Stephanie Moore, Instructional Assistant

    Norman Roldan, Instructional Assistant 

    Derrell King, Head Football Coach

    Rachel Conder, Head Girls' Basketball Coach

    MacKenzie King, Head Cheerleader Coach

    Christopher George, Head Boys' Basketball Coach