Go365 Fall Step-a-Thon


    SCPS Fall Step-a-thon Challenge
    Welcome to a new school year! We want to encourage you to model healthy choices for our students and establish great habits. We've worked with our Go365 team and created the SCPS Fall Step-a-thon Step Challenge!

    It's easy to do and can earn you some Go365 Bucks!


    What are the dates for the challenge?

    Registration closes on 8/15/17 (You will NOT be able to join the challenge after it starts.) The challenge is 4 weeks long from 12:00 am on 8/16/17 through 11:59 pm on 9/15/17.


    Why would I want to participate in the challenge?

    The SCPS Fall Step-a-thon Challenge is a fun way to motivate you and your coworkers to get moving more each day and compete against other Shelby County Schools Staff! There are also individual Go365 Bucks awarded at the end of the challenge (see prize question below).


    Who can participate in the challenge?

    The step challenge is open to all Shelby County Public Schools' Employees who are enrolled in an insurance plan through the KEHP. Staff who waive insurance coverage are not eligible to participate in Go365 or the step challenge. This is for the employees only, no family members.


    How do I get started?

    Log into Go365 via the website www.go365.com or the Go365 Mobile App. Your login for Go365 is the same as your login from HumanaVitality. Join the challenge by clicking on the “Quick Links” button on the website or tapping the “challenges” option in the app. Contact customer service at 1-855-478-1623 if you need help finding your username or resetting your password.


    What team do I join?

    You will NOT need to create a team - simply join the team for the school that you work at.


    Where can I get a device for the challenge?

    Obtain a Go365 compatible device at any retail outlet or via the Go365 Mall.
    * Eligible Fitness Devices and Mobile Apps: HumanaGear Pedometers, Fitbit Activity Trackers, Jawbone, UPWristbands, Garmin, Withings, Misfit, Moves, SHealth, and Apple Health.


    What if I lose or break my fitness device during the challenge?

    If your pedometer becomes lost or broken during the event, you will need to purchase a new device through the Go365 Mall or an outside vendor. Humana and KEHP are not responsible for any steps not uploaded prior to the misplacement or breakage of your pedometer or for any lost or stolen pedometer devices.


    Is there a daily step challenge cap?

    There is a daily step maximum of 25,000; more than 25,000 steps per day will not be counted in a member’s challenge total. 


    How quickly will my steps update on my Go365 calendar and the Challenge Leaderboard?

    Please allow 24-48 hours from when you sync your device for step counts to fully update in Go365.


    What is the deadline to sync my steps?

    You will have until 11:59 pm on September 17 to sync your steps.


    What are the prizes?

    Earn individual challenge points:
    Joining a challenge (once per calendar month)....................... 50
    Joining a team (once per calendar month).............................. 50
    1,000 steps in a day...................................................................1
    Bonus for over 50,000 steps in a week.................................... 50
    Bonus for over 100,000 steps in a week.............................. 100*
    *Bonus is for either over 50,000 steps in a week or over 100,000 steps in a week, not both. (Sunday – Saturday week)

    Winning Team: The team that logs the most average daily steps per team member will win additional Go365 Bucks!

    Weekly Winners: Each week, as long as you are logging steps, a random winner will be drawn and win a prize.


    When will the winners be announced and prizes awarded?

    The winning team will be announced the week of September 18. Go365 Bucks for the winners will be awarded within 45 days of the challenge end date.


    If I have or encounter problems with joining a team or with my device, who do I call?

    For community assistance visit the Go365 Community Syncing Devices and Apps Page:


    You can also call our Go365 Rep, Katherine Hendy, at 502-681-8546. 


    A few final reminders...

    Do NOT create a team, just join the team for your school.

    You will have until Tuesday, August 15 at 11:59 pm to sign up for the challenge, no exceptions.

    You can join the challenge in the Go365 app or on the website, www.go365.com.


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