If you qualify for FREE or REDUCED meals at school, you are also eligible for fee waivers for National ACT tests. See Mrs. Burkhardt or Guidance Office for needed information before you register!

ACT National Test Dates 2021-2022

All SCPS Juniors will take the ACT during the school day the week of March 7, 2022.

ACT National Test Dates 2021-2022
  • ACT Frequently Asked Questions

    When should my student begin taking the ACT? While you may want to introduce your student to the ACT their freshmen and sophomore year, I recommend your student to start taking the ACT no later than December of their junior year.

    How much does the ACT cost? It costs $46 to take the ACT (without the writing section). If your student is a junior or senior who receives free/reduced lunch, he/she may take the ACT twice for free. Please see your school's guidance department for a voucher.

    How long does it take for my student to receive their score results? ACT results are viewable as early as two weeks after your student tests. Test scores will first be available on your student's online ACT account.

    How many times should I take the ACT? Most college-bound students take the ACT at least 3 times; however, students are encouraged to take the ACT as many times as they like.

    Does my student need to take the writing section on the ACT? Not necessarily. If your student knows where he/she wants to go to college, check with that school to see if it is required. Most Kentucky colleges do not require the writing section.

Registering for the ACT can be really confusing! Click the video below for a quick tutorial!

3 minute tutorial video on how to register for the ACT