Dual Credit Information for Students and Parents

Directions: View and/or Pay an Itemized JCTC Bill

  • Shelby County Public Schools students have the opportunity to earn up to 24 college credits free of charge during high school thanks to the generosity of the Shelby County Board of Education (up to 18 credits) and the KHEAA Scholarship (up to 6 credits). The tuition for up to TWO dual credit courses per semester is covered by one of these two sources.Families are responsible for dual credit tuition (at the state reduced dual credit rate) in the following tuition charges:

    • Courses exceeding two in one semester
    • Courses that do not result in a passing grade
    • Courses from which a student has withdrawn 

    Families who do not qualify for free or reduced meals at school are responsible for online content charges
    that may have been applied to your student’s account for online textbooks or course materials.  Please check your student’s account for these potential charges.


    1. Log on to KCTCS account
    2. Select “Current Student
    3. At the MyPath platform page, click on the Student Self Service button

    Billing can be viewed and paid online through the Account Balance icon on the page.

    Once on the Account page, select “Make a Payment” and select “Visa/MasterCard”. This will show you an ITEMIZED BILL that will indicate charges by semester. 

    If you would like to make a payment for a past semester, click on the OPTIONS button and select CLEAR ALL.   At this time, enter the amount you will pay for the prior semester(s) owed. Put a  “0” in the area for payment for current semester if tuition scholarships from KHEAA or SCPS have not been applied or if SCPS/KHEAA is paying for the tuition charges.
    An unpaid balance from a year prior will result in a “HOLD” being placed on the student’s account, which will not allow the student to register for courses or access a final transcript after the completion of high school.  Example: If student has an online book/digital content fee from Fall2019, the student would have a hold on account for Fall2020 registration.

    Please feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance:  susanne.burkhardt@shelby.kyschools.

  • Shelby County Public Schools

    Requirements/Agreements for Dual Credit Students


    • Students have access to up to 8 tuition-free dual credit courses during high school (maximum 2 tuition-free courses in one semester)
      • 6 courses paid for by Shelby County Public Schools
      • 2 courses paid through the KHEAA Dual Credit Scholarship (Jr and Sr only) Students are responsible for accepting this scholarship through KHEAA with support from the high school.
      • Assitional scholarships available for Career and Technical Education (CTE) Through Work Ready Scholarship
    • Students are responsible for the cost of books and online content required for classes.  (SCPS pays for books/online content for students qualifying for free meals.)
    • Students are responsible for the cost of additional classes at the current dual credit state rate of cost per credit hour. 
    • Students are responsible for the cost of tuition of courses that result in a failing grade.
    • Students are responsible for the cost of tuition of courses from which they have withdrawn outside of the allowed window.


    • Students must follow the JCTC calendar for their college classes.  Student must attend college classes at JCTC even if SCPS is on break.
    • Students must follow the JCTC inclement weather policy. Students must attend college classes if JCTC is open (even if SCPS is closed due to severe weather)

    ATTENDANCE @High School

    • All students must report to the designated classroom on days that their JCTC classes do not meet.  


    • “Remind 101” is used to communicate to students taking classes at JCTC.  Please be sure you are a member of the Dual Credit Remind group for your high school.


    • Courses can only be dropped within the timeline specified by SCPS.  Withdrawing from a course after the SCPS date will result in STUDENT PAYING FOR THE COURSE.
    • Meet with your counselor to discuss potential withdraws PRIOR to withdrawing
    • Classes must be dropped through JCTC.  High school counselors CANNOT remove students from JCTC classes.
    • Get a printout from JCTC to show that a class has been dropped.  Give a copy to your counselor.


    • Classes dropped AFTER THE SCPS deadline will result in a charge for the class to the student.
  • Transferring Dual-Credit Courses

    It's really important that you keep in mind how your dual-credit courses will transer once you begin college. Use the link below to search for schools and see how your dual-credit courses will transfer to public univerities/colleges in Kentucky.


    You can learn how your credits will transfer to private universiites/colleges or out of state universiites/colleges by contacting the admissions office of the specific school in which you are interested.


    If you need help with your dual-credit courses, we strongly encourage you attend tutoring sessions at JCTC!