• Shelby County Public Schools

    Requirements/Agreements for Dual Credit Students


    • Students may take up to 8 FREE dual credit classes during high school
      • 6 classes paid for by Shelby County Public Schools
      • 2 classes CAN BE applied for through KHEAA Scholarship (Jr and Sr only)
      • Assitional scholarships available for Career and TEchnical Education (CTE) Through Work Ready Scholarship
    • Students are responsible for the cost of their books and online content required for classes.  (Students qualifying for free meals at school please see Mrs. Burkhardt regading books.)
    • Students are responsible for the cost of additional classes at the current rate of ⅓ cost per credit hour.  ($56 a credit hour currently)


    • Students must follow the JCTC calendar for their college classes.  Student must attend college classes at JCTC even if SCPS is on break.
    • Students must follow the JCTC inclement weather policy. Students must attend college classes if JCTC is open (even if SCPS is closed due to severe weather)

    ATTENDANCE @High School

    • All students must report to the designated classroom on days that their JCTC classes do not meet.  


    • “Remind 101” is used to communicate to students taking classes at JCTC.  Please be sure you are a member of the Dual Credit Remind group for your high school.


    • Courses can only be dropped within the timeline specified by SCPS.  Withdrawing from a course after the SCPS date will result in STUDENT PAYING FOR THE COURSE.
    • Meet with your counselor to discuss potential withdraws PRIOR to withdrawing
    • Classes must be dropped through JCTC.  High school counselors CANNOT remove students from JCTC classes.
    • Get a printout from JCTC to show that a class has been dropped.  Give a copy to your counselor.


    • Classes dropped AFTER THE SCPS deadline will result in a charge for the class to the student.



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    Transferring Dual-Credit Courses

    It's really important that you keep in mind how your dual-credit courses will transer once you begin college. Click this link to search for schools and see which classes your dual-credit courses will transfer as.


    If you need help with your dual-credit courses, we strongly encourage you attend tutoring sessions at JCTC! Click here to see a list of times.