Rocket Art Student Gallery

  • Word Play 

    Students were required to illustrate the meaning of a word with only the letters. No other details were permitted. Students conceptualized the the composition and color choices in order to effectively use the Principles of Design. Each word design has balance, a clearly emphasized focal point, implied movement, intricate background patterns for variety and contrast with analogous and complementary colors.

  • Color Theory Paintings

    Students chose the subject, style and purpose for this watercolor painting. The color scheme may have been chosen to convey temperature, mood or unity with monochromatic or analogous colors.  Students who desired high contrast in their paintings chose complementary colors.

  • Depth of Field Drawings

    8th Grade students made intentional use of all the Elements of Art to create the illusion of form and distance in these color pencil drawings.


  • Drawing Basics

    Students started with sketchy geometric shapes to build the correct proportion of a hand. They continued to refine the shapes until achieving an organic illusion of form- making it realistic. Though students were required only to make a contour drawing some incorporated value with limited shading.

  • Ceramics

    Pinch is the most basic of hand building ceramic methods. Students form the clay into a ball, create an opening using their thumbs then rotate the clay steadily while uniformly pinching to widen the opening and grow the walls into a cylindrical vessel or a bowl. Students planned and created their own sculptural designs for originality and aesthetics.