• Applying to College Frequently Asked Questions

    When can my senior begin applying to college? Seniors can begin applying to college during August of their senior year. We encourage students to apply as early as possible.

    How long does it take for colleges to make an admission decision? If students apply early (August through early October), they can expect to hear beack from colleges in just a few weeks. If they wait longer to apply (around Halloween and during the holidays), it can take upwards of two months for students to receive an admission decision.

    My student wants to retake the ACT, should she wait to apply to college after she gets her new scores? We strongly encourage that your student go on and apply to schools they are interested in. If their ACT score goes up after they've applied, simply send their new scores to college and they will update your application.

    How many schools should my student apply to? It's important to apply to more than one school. Most students apply to about 3-5 schools. Always make sure you apply to at least one school that you know you meet the admission criteria for. And don't forget to dream big!

Apylying to College