• The most efficient way to fix a technology issue is to submit a work ticket. This will allow your problem to be tracked for more effective accountability and faster resolution. (A hallway conversation with a tech may be accidentally forgotten, and an email may be inadvertently overlooked.)

    Our new work ticket system -- School Dude -- is synched with our Shelby Google accounts (using your full email address and network password).  If you are a staff member:


    1. The first time you use School Dude, you need to register by visiting this site.  You only should have to do this once.

    2. After registration, click here to create or review your work tickets.


    For some more details on School Dude and how to complete a work ticket, please look over this Doc

    Students and parents can NOT submit work tickets.  Students and parents can contact one of the student's teachers with their tech issues, and the teacher can submit a work ticket on their behalf.