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    Parents and Guardians,

    New regulations were passed in Kentucky that will require additional vaccinations for students to attend school. The new law adds Hepatitis A and a second Meningococcal vaccine to the list of required immunizations. This new law goes into effect on July 1, 2018.

    1) The Hepatitis A vaccination series is comprised of two vaccinations received 6 months apart. This vaccination series will be required for every student. The CDC has recommended this vaccination series for several years, so many children have already received this two-dose series, but since it was not a requirement for school attendance, it was not listed on most immunization certificates. 

    2) Another new immunization requirement is for students who are 16 years old and older. In addition to the Hepatitis A requirement (above), those students who are 16 or older will also be required to receive a second Meningococcal vaccine. The first Meningococcal vaccine was required between the ages of 11-12, upon entry into 6th grade. A new immunization certificate will be required for every student at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year. (See below for the Immunization Certificate, if your child's physician doesn't have it.)

    Please contact your child's physician to determine what your child needs to meet these requirements and obtain a new immunization certificate.

    Reminder: For students entering into 6th grade: A physical is required for 6th grade entry (a sports physical does not meet this requirement). You can find this form in the resources to the left.

    Note: If you select to decline immunizations based on religious reasons, you will also find the KY revised Declination to Immunization form (below) to complete. Please review this document carefully as the requirements for completion have changed.

    Thank you for your time and attention in making sure your child is meeting all of the vaccination requirements for school attendance.



    Traci Earley RN CCM

    District Health Coordinator

    Shelby County Public Schools