Personnel Vision

The Vision for Personnel in Shelby County, KY

  • Shelby County Public School's Vision for Personnel

    • All individuals who choose to join SCPS will become a part of a team that works together to shape or launch over 7000 student aspirations on a daily basis.
    • All teammates are hired, empowered and retained because of their passion for educating children and young adults.  Marginal team members are given opportunities to grow and develop; and if they still do not meet district standards, they are helped to find employment elsewhere.
    • SCPS is committed to finding highly motivated, resilient professionals to build a team that values, supports and reflects the cultural diversity of the community and learners we serve.
    • SCPS teammates reflect deeply on their work; striving to become better professionals each day they come to work.
    • SCPS teammates are caring, kind, consistent, respectful and just in their interactions with all community members, especially with learners.  At the same time, teammates have high expectations for each other and their learners.  This powerful combination of caring and high expectations makes Shelby County Public Schools a better place to work and learn.