• Websites with information to Build Background Knowledge


    A Guide to the Kentucky System of Interventions

    This is a resource of the process of Response to Intervention, as outlined by the Kentucky Department of Education. This is a great resource to help build background knowledge around best practices for this system.


    The Why Behind RTI

    This is an article written by three leading experts of Response to Intervention (RTI), outlining the purpose of RTI and some basics of this sytem and the value it brings to students.


    RTI Action Network

    This is a website that has information on all things RTI. This is a great resource for parents and teachers alike.


    Instructional Resources


    Shelby County Public Schools Parent/Community Resources

    This is a website designed to support parents and community partners in accessing instructional resources to support continual student learning, while outside of the school building. Parents and community members have to option to search for reading and math resources by content and grade levels. Parents have the flexibility to pull resources to support children, no matter their learning level. This resource is highly recommended.