Digital Platforms

  • Below is a list of our major digital platforms we use in Shelby County.   Helpful resources and/or links are shown for each.


    After you have looked over the information below, if you or your students still have issues accessing the digital platforms, please submit your request via our Google Form

  • AMC/Didax

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    Instructions for teachers on how to log into AMC/Didax for the first time is available here.

    If you are wanting to transfer students WITHIN a school, here are your directions.  (Only Adam Watson can transfer students BETWEEN schools.)

    If you are trying to search for inactive students, or change their status, here are directions.

    If you are having a problem with or instructional questions about AMC/Didax, please contact your building's Instructional Coach or Bindu Sunil.



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  • Clever Portal (Lexia Core5, Lexia PowerUp, Dreambox, Reading Plus)

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    The Clever portal is the "one stop shop" that ALL teachers and students need to use in order to access Dreambox (K-8), Lexia Core5 (K-5), Reading Plus (6-8) and Lexia PowerUp (select secondary students).  Once logged into the portal, by clicking on the appropriate tile, you should automatically be logged into the appropriate platform.

    The portal also offers shortcut links to other sites such as Schoology, Empower, the district website, and webmail.   However, keep in mind they are only links; Clever will NOT automatically log you into any of these sites.

    Remember that anyone with a building admin account (principal, instructional coach, etc.) need to log directly into Lexia, Dreambox, and Reading Plus.  For these users, do NOT use the Clever Portal.

    Directions for teachers and students to log into Clever, as well as information about Clever badges, are available here.

    Directions for how parents can access a student's Dreambox progress is available here.  (Note: there is currently no parent portal access for our other platforms.)

    Quick Start Guide for how to understand each of the three platform dashboards, tips to analyze data and more is available here.

    Have students completed Level 18 of Lexia Core5?  Analyze the student data with an Instructional Coach and use this checklist as a guide for next steps.

    The link to the Clever portal for Shelby County users is here.



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  • Edgenuity

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    If you are new to Edgenuity, please read over this "First Steps" document.

    Edgenuity accounts are uploaded at the beginning of the school year, based on middle and high school staff as well as students grades 6-12 at that time.  During the school year, Adam Watson will have to manually create an account or do any edits.

    Edgenuity usernames and passwords are unique and different from all of our other platforms.  If a teacher needs their username, Adam can help.  (A teacher is able to reset his/her own password.) . A teacher can look up a student's username and reset their password, if necessary.

    Edgenuity log in site:



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  • Empower

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    Log in portal for Empower:

    ALL teachers, students and staff should use the "Sign In With Google" button.

    For an online quick start guide of videos and helpful documents, go here.  (We will update the guide as needed, so check back!)



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  • Google Classroom

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    If you are trying to make classrooms in Google Classroom but cannot, don't fret: the first time you try, you are put on a "pending request" list to be made a Teacher inside of our Google Admin console. These are reviewed and approved every few days. If after 48 hours you still cannot make a class, please email Adam Watson.



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  • Schoology

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    Note: Schoology will phase out as our district learning management system (LMS) on June 30, 2019.  For more information on the transition and what will happen with Schoology accounts and data, please visit this Doc.


    If you are having issues logging into Schoology, please work through this checklist first.

    The login credentials will be your full Shelby email address, along with your network password (same as webmail and Google Drive).

    When logging in, make sure you are using

    Unfortunately Courses from 2017-2018 were not automatically archived, and therefore show up alongside your current 2018-2019 classes.  Teachers can manually fix this.  Directions are here.

    Teachers, don't forget to disable your rosters at the start of every school year / semester / manually created new Course!  Directions are here.



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