SCPS Career Pathways

  • The following documents contain information regarding SCPS Career Pathways. 

    All students in Shelby County Public Schools have access to ALL Pathways offered. The school locations listed indicate where pathway courses are taught. NO matter the school of attendance, access to ALL pathways is available to ALL students through personliized scheduling. (ATC=Area Technology Center)

    Agriculture (MLCHS/SCHS)

    Automotive Technology (ATC)

    Business (ATC/MLCHS)

    Construction Carpentry Technology (SCHS)

    Diesel Technology (ATC)

    Education (MLCHS)

    Engineering  (MLCHS/SCHS)

    Family and Consumer Science  (MLCHS/SCHS)

    Flight and Aviation (SCHS)

    Government/JROTC  (MLCHS/SCHS)

    Health Science (ATC)

    Industrial Maintenance (ATC)

    Information Technology (ATC)

    Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security  (MLCHS/SCHS)

    Machine Tool Technology

    Media Arts (MLCHS)

    Welding (ATC)


Calendar of Events for College and Career Readiness

Last Modified on July 9, 2020