Healthcare Services

    Any employee enrolled in a KEHP health plan can go to the website  It is important to make sure that /kehp is typed in. (Employees who waive insurance are not eligible for this benefit.  They would need to contact their benefits website for their specific information.  Most plans have these services available.)

    It is best to register on the website, but if not, you can look as a guest.  In the top left of the home page is the MENU.  Click on Find Care.  You can find a doctor, pharmacy, hospital or urgent care.  If you scroll down further, there is a link to LiveHealth Online Behavioral Health Support.  If you enter your zip code, you can find care based on the selection.  

    Next to each provider's name is a View Details button that will tell them the location, specialty, contact information, etc.  It also gives a map of where they are located.  As you can see, there are 571 listed for our area, so each employee should look through the list to better fit their needs.  



     Several plan benefits that most are unaware of are listed below:

    1. SmartShopper -  Earn cash by shopping for your healthcare! When your doctor recommends a medical service, such as a colonoscopy, MRI, or mammogram, call SmartShopper at 855-869-2133 to speak to the Personal Assistant Team to discuss your options. Or you can visit, select the recommended procedure, then choose from several facilities that are the most cost-effective. You could earn $25 — $500 just for choosing a lower-cost facility.

    2. Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) - Diabetes is one of the highest costs for KEHP. This FREE prevention program is available for members who have pre-diabetes. If you meet the criteria of pre-diabetes, you may attend DPP for FREE!

    This program may help lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Learn how to improve your health through stress reduction, weight loss, and increased physical activity with the support of a certified lifestyle instructor. This proven and successful

    16-week course meets once per week for one hour. After 16 sessions, you will receive at least six monthly follow-up sessions to help you stay motivated and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Contact Solera at 844-206-3728 to learn more about DPP & find a location near you.

    3. Value Benefits for Diabetes, COPD, and Asthma Diabetes, COPD, and asthma are serious conditions that may have serious complications. The KEHP continuously monitors the costs of these and other chronic conditions. Helping members control these diseases by reducing their costs has proven to be effective in improving health and reducing plan costs.

     If you receive maintenance prescriptions or supplies for the treatment of these conditions, your pharmacy costs are being reduced! This includes:

    ·         Pressure machines;

    ·         Infusion pumps;

    ·         Blood pressure monitoring devices;

    ·         Cardiac monitors; and

    ·         Supplies and durable medical equipment.

    You will pay a reduced co-pay and/or co-insurance, with NO DEDUCTIBLE, for most maintenance prescriptions or supplies. See the chart on page 17 of the guide for the cost that you will pay for prescriptions. Most supplies and durable medical equipment related to diabetes, COPD, and asthma are covered in full with NO DEDUCTIBLE.

    4. Future Moms –  The Future Moms program is FREE and offers a guided course of care and treatment, leading to overall healthier outcomes for mothers and their newborns. Future Moms help all expectant mothers focus on early prenatal interventions, risk assessments, and education. The program includes special management emphasis for expectant mothers at the highest risk for premature birth or other serious maternal issues. The program consists of nurse coaches supported by pharmacists, registered dietitians, social workers, and medical directors.

    You’ll get:

    ·         24/7 phone access to a nurse coach who can talk with you about your pregnancy and answer your questions;

    ·         Your Pregnancy Week by Week, a book to show you what changes you can expect for you and your baby over the next nine months; and

    ·         Useful tools to help you, your doctor, and your Future Moms nurse coach track your pregnancy and spot possible risks.

    Call 844-402-5347 to learn more.

    5. Rethink - Rethink is a FREE benefit to support those caring for children and teenagers with learning or behavioral challenges, including autism. This benefit:

    ·         Provides support by offering 24/7 phone or video chat with a behavior expert;

    ·         Provides the largest library of how-to videos to show parents the best proactive approach to teaching their child;

    ·         Helps parents collaborate with school and other caregivers;

    ·         Helps reduce tantrums, facilitate language, and improve the home environment; and

    ·         Requires no diagnosis and has no age restrictions.

    Call 800-714-9285 for assistance in signing up, or if you have questions.

    ·         Log in to use code: KEHP.

    ·         Or use the mobile app

    ·         Schedule a virtual consult

    ·         Message a learning and behavior expert

    ·         View your lesson library videos

    ·         Receive in-app reminders for consults and webinars

    ·         Text EZCONSULT to 797979 to schedule your FREE consult with an expert.

     6. LiveHealth Online Medical, Psychology, and Psychiatry Healthcare at home or on the go! Get fast, easy doctor and therapist visit whenever you need them. All for FREE!  With LiveHealth Online, the doctor comes to you. There is no traveling to the doctor’s office and no sitting in the waiting room. LiveHealth Online lets you have a video visit with a board-certified medical doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist from your computer (with a web camera), tablet, or smartphone.

    Use LiveHealth Online Medical: Cold and flu symptoms, Allergies, Sinus Infections, Migraines, Upper respiratory infections, and Bronchitis.

    Use LiveHealth Online Psychology: Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and Panic Attacks. If you are 18 years or older, you can get medicine to help manage a mental health condition

    Get started today!

    ·         Go to and log in or download the free app to register. Select LiveHealth Online Medical and choose the doctor you’d like to see

    ·         For LiveHealth Online Psychiatry, you can schedule an appointment online 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

     7. 24/7 NurseLine -  If you have an emergency or questions for a nurse, you can call around the clock 24/7. The NurseLine provides you with accurate health information at any time of the

    day or night. You will receive one-on-one counseling with experienced nurses via a convenient toll-free number 877-636-3720. A staff of experienced nurses is trained to address common healthcare concerns such as medical triage, education, access to healthcare diet, social/family dynamics, and mental health issues. Specifically, the 24/7 NurseLine features:

    ·         A skilled clinical team — RN that helps assess your systems, understand medical conditions, ensures you receive the right care in the right setting, and refers you to programs and tools appropriate for your condition

    ·         Bilingual RNs, language line, and hearing impaired services

    ·         Access to the AudioHealth Library, containing hundreds of audiotapes on a wide variety of health topics

    ·         Proactive callbacks within 24 to 48 hours, referrals to 911 emergency services, poison control, and identification of emergent or urgent care for children

    ·         Referrals to relevant community resources

    8. Substance Use Disorder Telephone Support

    Call the 24/7 support line at 855-873-4931. Let the staff member know you’ve got a substance use concern, and they’ll connect you with a clinical expert trained in substance use disorder treatment. You can talk with these experts confidentially about:

    ·         Treatment options

    ·         Other health or behavioral issues you’re having

    ·         Finding doctors or treatment centers in your health plan that specialize in substance use disorder

    ·         Online and mobile tools that can help you during and after treatment 

    You can also call on behalf of a KEHP member who is a family member or friend. The support line is open 24/7 — so anytime is the right time to call.

     9. Why Weight Kentucky - Why Weight Kentucky is a weight management program that pairs members with an Anthem clinician who will help you reach your weight-loss goals. If you participate in the program, you will receive access to the tools and one-on-one support needed to lose weight safely, and improve your health and quality of life. The program also provides coverage for several prescription weight-loss medicines.

    Call Anthem at 844-402-5347 or CVS Caremark at 866-601-6934.

     10. Tobacco Cessation - Are you ready to quit? KEHP has many resources available, including nicotine replacement therapies for FREE. Go to, click on ‘programs’ then ‘quitting tobacco’.