• At Shelby County Public Schools, we recognize that technology is an essential component in the future of our students.  We meet this need through two strands that are intertwined and rely heavily on each other to positively impact student learning:

    • The integration of instructional technology: digital tools that enable more effective and engaging content acquisition and application of skills, while empowering students to have a greater, more far-reaching impact on the community and world around us.  Technology should also enable data-informed instruction that personalizes learning, meeting the student where they are at in order to get them where they need to be.
    • Essential infrastructure: not only the "buttons and wires" of our technology (wireless networks, student devices, etc.), but the personnel to maintain the hardware/software as well as grow our staff and students in the use of technology.  This personnel includes technicians assigned and embedded inside our schools, as well as at our central office.

    If you are looking for information regarding EdTech, please click here.

    Our technology department has two Coordinators, each of which is responsible for one of the strands above.  Our Digital Technology Coordinator, Chad Hebner, manages the infrastructure and the technicians who repair and support it.   Adam Watson is our Digital Learning Coordinator who makes sure "edtech" is used as a tool to achieve academic goals; visit "Watson's World" for more information.

    As part of our district's vision, we began implementing a 1:1 initiative in 2015.   "1:1" means we ensure there is one Internet-enabled device personally assigned to every Shelby student.  For more about our journey, click here.  For more on student expectations on device usage, click here.

    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!  For a list of our technology department staff and their contact information, please search our technology staff directory.  (If you are a student with an issue with your Shelby device, please contact your school's building technician.)