• August 12, 2018

    We've accomplished our first full week of school by being Smart, Strong, and Selfless!  Our students are signing our wall to celebrate how they have been Smart, Strong and Selfless.  As soon as we know students' photos can be published, we will post those for you to see!  

    Thank you for being patient as we get the car rider line moving more quickly in the afternoons.  Again, our goal is to make sure every student is getting home safely and in the correct manner.  

    This week we need to start transitioning students to independently walk to their classrooms instead of being escorted by their parents.  Beginnng Wednesday if students are a car rider in the morning they will need to give hugs and kisses either in the car rider line or at the front doors.  We will certainly have adults available in the front lobby to help any student that may be nervous about this transition.  Our goal is to promote independence and this is a way to encourage students to be Strong.  

    Later this week, our 3rd - 5th grade students will be given Chromebooks.  

    We are working on a plan in regards to Parent Orientation.  More information will come home soon!

    Have a great week!  

    Smart, Strong, Selfless...Southside!

  • Southside Families!  

    We had an awesome first day of school at Southside!!  Our vision for Southside is "Smart, Strong, and Selfless."  Everything we do at Southside will involve those 3 words.  Teachers began teaching your child exactly what we mean when we hear "Smart, Strong, and Selfless."  We want to celebrate students who are living out these 3 words!  At the top of the main staircase, we have a Simply Southside wall.  When staff and students are living our vision of "Smart, Strong, and Selfless," we celebrate by having them sign our wall.  Today, we had 3 students sign the wall AND we called families to celebrate!  We have an amazing team of Tigers at Southside!  

    We know dismissal took extra time today and that will get better as the days go on.  It is much more important to us that we know all students are safe, than to rush them out the door.  Please be patient as we continue to ensure your child is safe each and every day.  

    You all are awesome and we look forward to the 2nd day of school!  

    Go Tigers!

    Shannon Pfaff - Principal