• Ending 2019 SOARING

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 12/30/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Ending 2019 SOARING!


    During the months of November and December, our Jets Soared to Success. Performing at the State Capital, serving others by organizing the Week of Giving, 3rd graders traveled to the Muhammed Ali Center to launch their writing Biography unit, and 5th graders visited the Actors Theater of Louisville for a performance of “A Christmas Carol” to springboard their Review writing. We also had visits to Churchill Downs and the Horse Museum. We had visitors in the building to see our exhibitions in 1st grade and in 4th grade. Our 4th-grade friends at Heritage Elementary visited Wright to give feedback to our 4th-grade students on their Exhibitions. To wrap it all up, our 5th grade delivered their musical performance of the year: drums, recorders, voices, bongos, and xylophones. WOW!


    Our Teachers developed and showcased their ability to model mini-lessons for students. We crowned some Wright Models this past month: Mr. Betts, Mrs. Metzger, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Gates, and Mrs. Jesse. That certainly started our December off with smiles. We had a festive fun send off to the 12 days before the holiday break: waffles, caroling, hot drinks, classroom messages, holiday wardrobes, dancing, music, smiles, secret gift-giving, raffles, and JOY!


    Our teachers were able to bring joy to the whole building with their talents and their humor. Our Staff Talent Show sent our students off to holiday break with lots of SNOW AND A SNOWBALL LAUNCHER!!!!


    NOW... WE ARE READY FOR 2020.

    J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

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  • Back to School

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 8/30/2019

    Welcome back to school! There are so many emotions that come with this time of year. Just like our students, we, at Wright Elementary, are experiencing a range of feelings. Excitement, hopefulness, joyfulness, nervousness, determination, anticipation, to name just a few. This year at Wright is going to be amazing and when we all pull together in the same direction, we can continue the great tradition that our school has begun.




    • STUDENTS --- Be intentional. Think. Dedicate yourself to the job of being a Wright Jet and a member of a team that wants to see you soar to success. Know that you have support (teachers, administrators, parents, friends, in fact, our entire school system) that wants nothing more than to see you achieve at high levels. Embrace our core values - Joy, Empathy, Teamwork, and Service - and live them out with everyone with whom you interact. Remember who you are and represent your family well.


    • PARENTS --- Be engaged. Did you know that current research tells us that the most accurate predictor of student success is not socioeconomic status, or how prestigious a school is? The best predictor of student success is the extent to which families encourage learning at home and involve themselves in their child’s education. We invite you to be as involved in your student’s education as possible. 


    • STAFF --- Be urgent. Today matters. Every day matters. Allow your Joy of teaching to be seen by all. Prepare our students to master standards, lead by example, and embrace social responsibility. Believe that every student can achieve at high levels and maintain high expectations. Support each student in the personalized way they deserve and empower students to own their own learning. 


    The 2019-2020 school is going to be our best ever at Wright Elementary. Do your part and I’ll do mine and together, as JETS, we will soar to great heights. J-E-T-S  Jets! Jets! Jets!

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  • 2019 and Core Values

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 1/4/2019

    As we look at the second half of the school year, we are thoughtful about all the opportunities we have in front of us this year. 2019 is going to see a lot of changes and be a very exciting year. I'm can hardly wait to see how high our Jets will soar as we round out this school year.

    CORE VALUES - This school year has seen Wright Elementary unveil its focus on four new core values. As we are the JETS, we have used the acronym to help us remember: Joy - Empathy - Teamwork - Service. 

    Joy is an exciting focus for us this year. We believe that with an environment of joy, students will want to be at school. Students will want to engage in learning activities that will help them succeed. As we all focus on fostering a culture of joy, we know the results will be felt in many different ways.

    Empathy is another focus for our school this year. The difference between empathy and sympathy is action. Anyone can feel sorry for another person. It takes an empathetic person to put yourself in their shoes and take action based on what you would like to see happen. We believe with an empathetic heart, we can all make better choices.

    Teamwork is our third core value. We know that by building trust and committing to the bigger goal, we are all stronger together. If we embrace accountability and own our learning, we will see improvements in our school and students' lives. 

    Service is our final core value. Selfishness is a bitter seed at the heart of many issues in today's society. As we seek to understand and leave the world better than how we found it, we know that a service mindset will improve our overall culture. When we can become aware of the world around us and contribute meaningfully to that world, we will have prepared our students for a better tomorrow.

    Our Core Values help define what Wright Elementary is about. They help clarify our purpose. Join us in having conversations with your child about these critical components of successful citizens.


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  • Back to School

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 8/1/2018 4:00:00 AM

    Welcome back! I have been anticipating the beginning of this school year since last year ended.

    Anticipation is a strange emotion. It’s exciting because you’re waiting for something. I’m thoughtful of Christmas morning. “What could be under that tree?” Anticipation can also be a bit frightening because you’re not sure how everything is going to happen. My mind goes to the first time I went camping. “Is it going to rain? Are there going to be bugs? What if I forget something?”

    When we experience something new or something that changes from the routine we’ve become used to, we tend to experience a lot of these different emotions. Whether you’re a returning JET or one of our youngest new Kindergarten friends, the beginning of a new school year is a big deal! And we have some exciting things to show all of you.

    We’ve got a new playground! - You won’t believe the new playground behind Wright Elementary. We’ve got new equipment. We’ve got 8 inches of rubber mulch. We’ve even got a whole new space to use. The whole playground gives a new feel and a new excitement to our school.

    We’ve got a new paint job! - Our halls are so colorful. We’ve covered up all the old tan hallways and have an entirely new look. With blues and greens and yellows and oranges, our hallway colors bring a whole different vibe to our school. You’ll also notice some new decorations to our entrance. When you last saw the school, there were 12 green drain pipes across the front of the school. Now, there are 10 super colorful crayons and 2 huge pencils! Just wait until you see them - it completely changes the look of our school from the front.

    We’ve embraced new core values! - We’ve spent a lot of time this summer wrapping our heads and hearts around what really matters to us here at Wright Elementary. We’ve narrowed it down to four core values that we want you to know about. It is important to us that you know where our focus lies. By stating it for you, we hope to keep ourselves accountable and give you the chance to give us feedback about our effort.

    J - Joy

    E - Empathy

    T - Teamwork

    S - Service

    As we seek to maximize our time with your children, we hope to weave these values into every interaction. Our goal is to joyfully serve every stakeholder (students, parents, each other) with our experienced team. We want to understand and share in the feelings of all, and by doing so, we hope to engage our students in a learning experience that empowers each of them to succeed.

    This is going to be a great year!

    J-E-T-S  Jets! Jets! Jets!

    I’ll see you all soon!

    Mr. Green

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    Posted by Seth Green on 7/14/2017 11:00:00 AM


    Welcome to a new and exciting school year at Wright Elementary!  We hope you had a fun-filled and well-rested summer.  Our staff is ready and committed to lead our students to a successful and joyful school year of learning and growing!  

    Our focus is to provide each child with new challenges that will result in a rewarding school experience. We want your child to be happy and successful at Wright, and you play a key role.

    Forging a strong relationship between the school and home is beneficial to student performance and academic growth. Please take advantage of the upcoming opportunities that you will have to become involved at Wright. We will be welcoming our new Jets at our Kindergarten Open House on Thursday, July 27th from 6:00-7:30PM. Our first event for all students is our Back-to-School Bash on Monday, July 31st at 5:30 PM. You will hear about volunteer opportunities then. Your student will also get to see their classrooms, meet their teachers and make some new friends.  Working together we will have a wonderful year filled with learning, lifelong relationships and the joys of success and accomplishment. We look forward to meeting each of you, and to working with you and your children throughout the year.

    It is going to be a great year at Wright!

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