Jennifer Cox, Principal

From the desk of the principal...

  • Dear Families,

                I hope you are having a restful summer break and are ready to join teachers, friends, and our community for an exciting year of learning! Last year, I challenged our learning community to think about school differently. This year the challenge is exactly the same. School does not look the same as when we were kids. I say this with overwhelming enthusiasm because the world does not need the same kind of adult in the world as it did just a decade or two ago. I offer this challenge for us (the adults responsible for preparing students to change the world)- open up. Let’s open our minds to the new landscape of “school.” Let’s approach the wonders and challenges of a technological age not with fear, but with excitement about the opportunities. Come volunteer, visit, walk our halls and be amazed at what our children can do! You will hear my invitations to come to East Middle often this year. I will be asking our families and community partners to help us make learning the best it’s ever been at 600 Rocket Lane.

                Missile PRIDE continues to be our strong foundation for how we conduct ourselves as members of the East Middle community. We are prepared, respectful, thoughtful, demonstrating responsibility, and expecting excellence of ourselves and others. This year, our learning mission is PERSONAL! We seek to grow every student to a place where they communicate powerfully, think critically, collaborate productively, and complete work for deeper understanding. These are the 4C’s of personalized, competency based, deeper learning and every student deserves to leave our school system proficient in these.

               For our 8th graders, I challenge you to a year of LEADERSHIP! You are once again the oldest and wisest in the school. I will be looking for you to model what it looks like to live out your missilePRIDE. I will remind you frequently to pay attention to excellence in your work, words, actions, and thinking. I cannot wait to be in awe of the leadership we will see from you.

               For our 7th graders, this will be a year of growth. You now know what it means to be a missile and you know how to show your PRIDE. There is no growth without reflection. Reflect on these questions daily: Am I prepared? Am I respectful of all? Am I thinking first before I speak or act? Am I demonstrating responsibility? Am I expecting excellence of myself and others? I challenge you to kindness this year. You remember what it was like to begin middle school, so your responsibility is to act with amazing kindness to our new students. Hold a door, offer a smile, say hello, help someone find their way, offer a seat to someone looking to join a table. I know you will be the best first impression of our community!

               For our incoming 6th graders and for new students in all grades, this is a year of new beginnings. Those can be scary, but I am confident you will quickly see that East Middle is a wonderful family to learn with. If you need something, don't be afraid to ask. We are here for you and are so happy to get to know you as a part of our learning community!

                We are ready and excited to get to work! Please know we are here to listen and answer any questions you may have on this year’s education journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s advisor, team teachers, counselors, or principals if you need us. SHOUT it with me, “Missile...PRIDE!!!!!!!”


    Jennifer Cox, Principal