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    Posted by Jennifer Cox on 7/17/2017

    Welcome East Middle Students and Families!


    I hope you had a most restful summer break, although it was shorter than we are used to! Your teachers are thrilled to share with you the learning plans they have developed. I am honored and excited to begin my second year at East as principal. For those of you unfamiliar with my story, I was a teacher here from 2009-2013 and to be in the position to support learning with the staff and community that helped me become who I am as a professional is, honestly, my dream job.

    For our 7th graders this is a year of leadership. You are now the oldest in the building, familiar with what it looks like to live out your Missile PRIDE. You will model the importance of preparing daily, respecting all, (I) think first, and demonstrating responsibility. I give you this challenge, 7th graders - this year, pay especially close attention to the “E” in our PRIDE expectations. What does it really mean to expect excellence of yourself and others? I’ll give you a hint: excellence is visible in so many more ways than grades. This year, you will hear me refer to excellence often - in your studies, words, thinking, and actions. I am fully prepared to be in awe of your excellence.

    For our 6th graders this is a year of exciting new beginnings. You are now a middle schooler! You will have lots of questions about what is different in your learning environment. You will be more responsible for how you learn. I give you this challenge, 6th graders - own your place as a partner in your learning! Ask those questions. Be attentive to and strive to replicate positive examples of successful classmates- or better yet, BE the example! Let teachers know what works for you as a learner. Find what is interesting and exciting in the world and be passionate about learning all you can about it!

    For our families and community partners this will be a year of thinking differently. School does not look the same as when we were kids. I say this with overwhelming enthusiasm because the world does not need the same kind of adult in the world as it did just a decade or two ago. I offer this challenge for us (the adults responsible for preparing students to change the world)- open up. Let’s open our minds to the new landscape of “school.” Let’s approach the wonders and challenges of a technological age not with fear, but with excitement about the opportunities. Come volunteer, visit, walk our halls and be amazed at what our children can do! You will hear my invitations to come to East Middle often this year. I will be asking our families and community partners to help us make learning the best it’s ever been at 600 Rocket Lane. I hope to see you at school soon.


    Let’s GO! #missilepride


    Jennifer Cox, Principal

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  • 6/1/17

    Posted by Ryan Allan on 6/1/2017

    Check back often.

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