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  • Our Vision for Teaching & Learning at West Middle School

    Posted by Lorri Stivers on 8/4/2021

    Our vision for each and every student at West Middle School to grow academically, socially, and emotionally by giving access to a rich personalized learning experience that occurs no matter their academy placement. Whether your child is on Trailblazers (6th), Victory (⅞), Discover (⅞) or Rock (⅞), the personalized learning academy experience will be afforded to all students. What does a personalized learning academy experience include? I am so glad you asked!

       Each student at West will receive instruction in Language Arts (Reading and Writing), Math, Social Studies and Science. In addition, each student at West will receive:

    • A passionate team of teachers who are dedicated to growing our students in the SCPS Profile of a Graduate.
    • Academic and social/emotional support through an Advisory Period. Your child will have that "go to" adult who will assist your student in creating a variety of goals and then will work with them all year long to make sure they are growing toward their goals! 
    • Related Arts: this will vary according to your student's grade level and interests. 
    • Service Projects: your student will get to experience the power of servant leadership. Students will have multiple opportunities to interact with and support others from within and beyond the walls of West Middle. Teachers are working to establish partnerships with area elementary schools and local organizations and I can tell you the list of partners is growing! We know that working with others is the most powerful of lessons and we want all of our students to grow from service projects throughout their time at West. 
    • Project-Based Learning engages students in deeper learning through real-life challenges and problems. Our students come alive in these experiences!
    • Passion Projects allow students to explore something they are interested in learning about. 
    • At least one public exhibition of their work this year. If you haven't attended a student exhibition of learning, you are in for a treat. You will be amazed at what our students can do!
    • Defense of Learning. Throughout the year, your child will learn about what it means to be an Effective Communicator, an Inspired Innovator, a Critical Thinker, a Global Citizen, a Lifelong Learner, & a Responsible Collaborator. At the end of the school year, our students will defend how they grew in at least two of these competencies found in our SCPS Profile of a Graduate. 
    • Flexible Seating is offered by most teachers and will look different in each classroom. It may sound simple, but offering a student a choice in where they will sit and how they will work is a big deal to a tweenager!
    • Flexible Grouping will happen often. That means that your student will often work with different teachers and students on their team depending upon their needs and pursuits. Sometimes that will be a large group and sometimes small. It all depends on your student!
    • Guest speakers will be booked for speaking engagements at West. Depending upon what your child is learning, students will learn from experts in a variety of fields and will hear messaging regarding cyber-safety, bullying, Social-Emotional Learning, Career & Technology Education, healthy habits, passion projects, etc. 
    • Field Trips will hopefully occur (pandemic-pending) in support of your student's learning. We want students to be able to see how their learning works in the world around them.
    • Students will experience variety of authentic learning opportunities to show us what they know and how they’ve grown. All teaching and learning decisions will be based on our school-wide mission and vision listed below. 

    Vision: Innovative Learning for Lifelong Success

    Mission: Engaging students through authentic learning opportunities to become responsible & productive citizens



    Throughout the last 5 years, we know that personalized learning works for our kids. When we empower students to have voice and choice in their learning, they are much more likely to grow! We will work hard to get to know your student and build a positive relationship with him/her. We hope that you will partner with us on this journey in support of your warrior. We are excited about the new, post-pandemic year and are thrilled to offer your student a great year of learning. Please feel free to reach out to our student's team of teachers or administrators at any time.

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