• Online Payments with E-Funds

    What can you pay for?
    E-Funds for Schools offers various types of payments that include, but are not limited to, daycare payments, school fees (field trips, club fees, athletic fees, etc.), and of course meal payments.

    What payment methods do we accept?
    E-Funds for Schools accepts credit and debit cards using Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express. You may also choose to pay via checking account.

    How can I register?
    Click on the link "Register Here" below to get started.

    How can I learn more?
    Click on "Registration Guide" below to learn more about the online payments offered and how to get started.

    What is Low-Balance Replenishment?
    This unique service allows parents to set a low-balance amount on their student's lunch account, should that low balance be reached, a pre-authorized payment will be processed automatically replenishing the student's account.


    Online Payments with E-Funds

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