• We serve clients equally, without regard to ability, race, color, religion or national origins. 

    Please take a moment to read this handbook. It will answer many of your questions.

    Our program is designed to meet the needs of working parents. It is offered at each elementary school for students enrolled at that school, K-5.  Our program operates 5 days per week according to the Shelby County Public Schools calendar and will be open all day on a limited basis  (please see page 2 for details). In extraordinary conditions, parents will be contacted and informed of any program changes.    

    If you have questions, feel free to contact Shelby County Public Schools District Daycare Manager at 633-4057 or 321-7326 or please call your school’s Program Director:

    • Rocket Power 633-4057
    • Eagle Power 829-0255
    • Panther Power 633-7106
    • Bobcat Mountain 722-5646
    • Tiger Academy 633-7107
    • Wright Care 633-7105