• Use the most updated form with the checkbox to indicate overnight travel; be sure to indicate if the travel is overnight to validate the meal per diems claimed

    Each traveler must pay their own expenses and claim their own reimbursement; do not pay expenses on behalf of other travelers

    The district credit card can be used for airfare

    The district credit card can be used for hotel only if the cost exceeds $500 per traveler; most hotels will accept a check upon arrival as a payment option

    Vendor number is required – travelers should complete this field

    Dates and times – need time they left and the time they returned to the worksite in order to determine meal eligibility

    Be sure the destination is listed on the form – if it is a round trip, do not write “central office to central office”

    A map supporting the mileage claimed is required only if traveling outside Shelby County

    The account code is required‐ this should be completed by the approver; make sure there are adequate funds available

    Itemized receipts are required for everything except meal per diem, baggage tips of $1 per bag, and free airport shuttle tips up to $5

    Upgraded boarding, trip insurance, seat selection fee, extra space, and other optional costs related to airline travel is not reimbursable

    Meal per diem amounts include tips

    Valet parking requires documentation that it is the only parking option available

    All travel reimbursement requests must be approved by a supervisor

    If Finance receives an incomplete reimbursement request, it results in delays for the traveler Make sure this information is shared with all travelers (suggestion ‐ hand it out with PLRs)

    Administrators, your signature indicates the travel is ready to pay, so please make sure all required documentation is attached and all required fields completed. Administrative assistants/bookkeepers can assist with this review process.