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    Posted by Jarrod Taylor on 12/11/2018

    ACT is providing a free resource now available to all students, parents, teachers, principals, and other educators. ACT Academy is an online learning tool that provides personalized, free resources unique to student learning gaps and aligned to the ACT reporting categories.

    ACT Academy (OpenEd) is a collection of K-12 videos, games, quizzes, and interactives from publishers such as Flocabulary, NASA, Crash Course, GeoGebra, PBS, and tens of thousands of others that students can access via any computer, tablet, Chromebook, or even their smartphones. If students are using Google Classroom or Canvas, they can access ACT Academy by simply clicking on the single sign on button during log in or sign up.

    • Resources are curated for quality, grade and subject appropriateness.
    • Scaffolded content presented determined by student performance on diagnostics, tailored to each student's areas of need.
    • Videos are typically followed by a short, formative assessment to gauge student understanding.

    ACT Academy supports access for all students, including additional supports for English language learners and students with disabilities, such as a closed captioning option on 250,000 videos, text increase and contrast for the visually impaired, and answer masking and highlighting.

    ACT Academy encourages parent involvement. When teachers create classes, parents have the ability to observe their student's classes, meaning they will be able to see what their student's teacher is assigning, and the grades their student is getting on those assignments. In addition, parents will be given their own Workspace, which acts as their own class. Parents can assign extra assignments to help their student with any standards they are having trouble with, and track their progress in a Mastery Chart.

    Multiple resources are available for educators and parents including an ACT Academy Overview, ACT Academy Quick Start Guide for Educators, and an Invitation for Parents. For questions on the ACT test administration, please e-mail Jenni Larkins or call (502) 564-4394.”

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