• Parents/Guardians~

    This month, your child is going to be meeting me or re-meeting me for the 2019-2020 school year.  Over the last several weeks, I have said good morning to each class (almost everyday), and I have been in several areas talking with students, just to say hi!  I have been in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch, as well as the gym in the morning and afternoon, and most of our students that already know me have seen me in the hallways going this way and that!  

    I am in my eighth year of being a school counselor and it is my dream job!  I love meeting all of the students and helping the students when I can. I work with many of the students in varying ways and at different times depending on what may be needed.  

    I wanted to start this year by sharing with you what we do when your child has guidance in his/her classroom.  Each month I will be adding to my page and sharing the lessons we talked about, activities we participated in, as well as any information that may pertain to the topic or focus of the lesson.  

    If you need to contact me throughout the year you can do that multiple ways.

    1. Give me a call at the school (502)829-5242 ext. 21224 or Ask for Amanda Davenport.
    2. Email me amanda.davenport@shelby.kyschools.us
    3. You can fill out this form:  form or this form
    4. You can send a note in with your child.

     Here is to a great year!  


    Amanda Davenport


    School Counselor/BAC

    Heritage Elementary School

    8300 Frankfort Road

    Waddy, KY 40076

    (502) 829-5242