• Simpsonville Family Resource Center


    The Family Resource Center (FRC) is built upon the foundation of collaboration. A guiding principle in the development of the FRC is to be community focused – we are to collaborate with other entities in order to more effectively serve the needs of our students and their families. The Advisory Council is made up of parents, teachers, and community members.

    The Family Resource Center and the Advisory Council is the key to assuring that collaborative community input and involvement occurs in the planning, implementation and oversight of the Center’s activities. The FRC Advisory Council helps the FRC to accomplish its mission:


    The Council…

    • Provides a broad base of support
    • Creates two-way communication between the Coordinator and the community
    • Establishes rapport in the community for the Coordinator
    • Enables the Coordinator to evaluate ongoing programs
    • Makes the FRC community–centered rather than coordinator or school-centered
    • Aids in planning and filling programs
    • Keeps groups and clubs informed
    • Uncovers potential problems within the community
    • Unites the community behind a project
    • Stimulates organizations to serve people more efficiently