• Students receive instruction from SCPS teachers through multiple platforms at HOME. Instruction will include the same content and requirements as those attending SCPS@School. Daily interaction will occur online or by phone. Click HERE for an Infographic about SCPS@Home. 

    Click HERE for FAQs about SCPS@Home. 

Curriculum and Programming

    • Progress will be monitored by the teacher to ensure the student is advancing through the curriculum. 
    • The curriculum will adhere to the Kentucky Academic Standards and the Profile of a Graduate Competencies. 
    • Teachers may utilize Empower, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other approved platforms of communication and learning. 
    • Teachers will provide resources and materials for those without internet support. 
    • Participation is based on daily communiation through email, online work, phone calls, etc. 

Management and Planning

    • SCPS@Home will require a daily time commitment comparable to in-school instructional time. 
    • Students will have designated SCPS@Home teachers assigned for lessons, guidance, mentoring and goal setting. 
    • Students and parents choosing SCPS@Home are committed to 18 weeks with this platform. 
    • Students without internet support will receive resources and materials. 
    • Athletics participation will follow KHSAA guidelines.