SCPS Re-opening Task Force

  • The following individuals have served on the SCPS Re-Opening Task Force.  


    Susan Barkley, Chief Financial Officer, SCPS

    AJ Bradford, Student Member

    Michael Clark, Director of Student Services

    Andrew Cline, Board Member, SCPS

    Brooke Coffman, Teacher, West Middle School

    Jodie Collins, Teacher, Wright Elementary 

    Amanda Davenport, Guidance Counselor, Heritage Elementary

    Susan Dugle, Chief Academic Officer, SCPS

    Traci Earley, District Health Coordinator

    Joanna Freels, Board Member, SCPS

    Carey Girardi, Teacher, Southside Elementary

    Valeri Glass, Teacher, Painted Stone Elementary

    Vilma Godoy, Teacher, Shelby County High School

    Chad Hebner, Technology Coordinator

    Adam Hicks, Principal, Simpsonville Elementary School

    Donna Jones, Principal, MCMS

    Julia Jury, Counselor, East Middle School

    John Leeper, Deputy Superintendent

    Megan Libke, Parent and Teacher, MCMS, MLCHS 

    Stephanie Lokits, Director of Nursing, North Central Health District

    Michael McLaughlin, Parent, Clear Creek Elementary

    Cindy Murphy, Food Services Coordinator

    Eddie Oakley, Director of Transportation

    Michelle Oakley, Director of Special Education

    Juan Pena, Kentucky Commission of Human Rights

    Sherlin Samayoa, Student Member

    Melissa Settles, Guidance Counselor, MLCHS

    Cyndi Skellie, Public Relations Coordinator, SCPS

    Chris Spaulding, Shelby County Emergency Management

    Jon Swindler, Director of Facilities

    Emily Swindler, Principal, Northside Early Childhood Center

    Dr. Sally Sugg, SCPS Superintendent

    Jill Tingle, Chief Operations Officer, SCPS

    Margo Whisman, Principal, Shelby County High School

    Price Wilborn, Student Member