• Bus Times

    The times listed in the bus route information are as accurate as possible. We ask parents to allow for at least a five-minute window on either side of the listed time.  This is especially true for deliveries during the first few days of school.  We will not release the buses from a school location unless we are certain every student that rides a bus is on the one delivering to their PM location.  While this may result in kids returning home a few minutes later than normal, student safety is our first priority. Please check for pick up and drop off points on the school bus routes. 

    The schools have access to ViewFinder and can help you find your bus number and driver.  Check at your back-to-school bash if you have questions regarding buses.  Moreover, please be patient as we work out any issues with bus routes.  We are bringing back students who were SCPS@Home students and also adding new drivers. 

    Kindergarten Drop-Off Practice

    SCPS will drop Kindergarteners off at locations where the parent, guardian, or designated adult is physically standing.  We will not let Kindergarten students off the bus if no one is there to receive them. 

    Community Reminders

    As school resumes, please be extra cautious around our school buses and bus stops.  Buses flashing amber-colored lights are signaling a stop.  When the school bus arm is out, our students are loading and unloading.  Passing a stop arm is a violation of the law and puts our students in danger. Please slow down and stop accordingly. Thank you for helping keep our children safe.