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Heritage Hopeful Project- "Be Real- CeReal Drive"

Mr. Cleveland’s Class Project

Heritage Hopeful “Be Real - CeReal Drive”

Did you know the cereal is one of the highest needed food products, yet it is one of the least donated food products?

Our goal is to get every living body that comes to Heritage Elementary to donate at least one box of cereal.  Practicing our rounding skills, if we can get 500 boxes of cereal, we can help feed a lot of people in Shelby County.  

Please donate all types of cereals to the donation boxes outside of Mr. Cleveland’s room, Heritage Rm 108, before or after school.  Please hold all donations between 7:40am and 2:20pm, we do not want to interrupt instruction.  Donations will be taken now till December 14th.  Thank you for supporting this class and their learning and the people of Shelby County.