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SCPS Toys for Joy

As the Christmas season approaches, Shelby County Public Schools wants to do what it can to share joy across the Kentucky region that was hit so hard by recent storms and tornadoes.
As an immediate response to the West Kentucky Tornado damage, Shelby County Public Schools is participating in the Toys for Joy Challenge with Anderson County Schools. Students and families are encouraged to bring in children’s toys and for older students small gifts to their school FRYSC. If you have questions, please contact your school’s FRYSC Coordinator.
Shelby/Anderson Toys for Joy Challenge:
Items Needed: Toys and Gifts for Students
Collection Contact: School FRYSC’s
Collection Site: School FRYSC Office
Timeline/Deadline: Thursday 12.16.21 at 3:30 PM
In addition, we are working with the Shelbyville Police Department. If you’d like to donate any essential items, please see the contact information and link below.
Essential Supplies Shelbyville Police
Collection Contact: Kelly Cable, Shelbyville Police
Collection Site: Shelbyville Police Department
Timeline/Deadline: Wednesday 12.15.21 at 3:30 PM