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Dr. Jennifer Cox to Fill Position of Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Dr. Jennifer Cox to Fill the Position of Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for SCPS

May 26, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Cox is no stranger to Shelby County Public Schools. Since July 2016, Dr. Cox has served as principal at East Middle School and, before that, served as a teacher and instructional coach for the district. Beginning July 1st, she will serve as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for SCPS.In every job I have had in education - teacher, instructional coach, principal- developing curriculum that is engaging and meaningful for students & seeing that curriculum come to life through expert instruction has been one aspect of the work that brings me joy. Now, with Shelby County as a leader in the state with the SCL3 work to revamp assessment and accountability, I am more excited than ever to serve Dr. Sugg, Dr. Hicks, and the families of Shelby County as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.”  Dr. Cox will be working primarily with the CIA coordinator, CIA secondary coaches, Virtual and Digital learning staff, and the English Language coordinator. Together, they will evaluate and refine teaching and learning at the secondary level, digital and virtual learning opportunities, Defenses of Learning in middle and high school, and grade reporting. 


 In the spring of 2021, Dr. Cox received her EdD in Education Leadership and Organizational Development from the University of Louisville as well as her school superintendent certification in 2019. Dr. Cox has represented the school district through many projects and presentations. In November of 2020, she presented “Space to lead: Cognitive Coaching as Mindful School Leader practice, a roundtable discussion at the annual conference of the University Council for Education Administration in Columbus, Ohio. At the Annual Conference of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents in March of 2020, Dr. Cox presented information about Shelby County Public Schools’ Profile of a Graduate. 


Dr. Jennifer Cox received the Outstanding Research in Cognitive Coaching Award from the Thinking Collaborative in 2022, The Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the University of Louisville in 2013, Shelby County District Middle School Teacher of the Year in 2013, Ashland Oil Kentucky Teacher of the Year Finalist in 2013, and the Nancy Howard Merit Award for Excellence in Graduate Education from Bellarmine in 2004. 

Dr. Cox is known for empowering teacher leaders, coaching competency-based teaching and learning design, and curriculum design. Dr. Cox said, My wish for the students of SCPS is to have rich learning experiences that challenge, excite, and expand their young minds beyond what is probable to what might be possible. I want the process of teaching and learning in our county to be fulfilling and empowering for both kids and adults. What we teach, how we teach it, and how we assess students should be a message of wonder, curiosity, and hope. What kids learn, how they learn it, and how they receive feedback on what they have learned should encourage them to imagine, create, design, and cultivate a skill set they are proud and excited to share with the world.”