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Southside Teacher Authors Book About Acceptance

Stephanie Logsdon inspires students in the classroom.  And now, she’s inspiring even more young readers.  She works as the Reading Recovery instructor at Southside Elementary. And she is a published author.  Recently, she published a book entitled “Gerome’s Rainbow.” 


“This book has been in my heart for over 10 years,” said Stephanie.  The book is about acceptance of others. In the book, Gerome and his classmates are given an art assignment to do a self portrait using colored paper. When his friends argue and fight over which color is the best, Gerome comes up with a plan to make things right.


“Because this book is about acceptance, Baxter’s Corner, the publishing company, decided to release it early to help generate discussion with youth about the current events in our country.”  


Her friend and colleague, Sarah Gregory, said, “Her book came out at the perfect time for what is going on in the world right now and is a great way to start a discussion with kids. Her children's book, Gerome's Rainbow, is a story about accepting others and how everyone's differences make a beautiful world. The back even included discussion starters for kids, crafts, and nonfiction facts.” 


A teacher by day and an author at night, Stephanie said she has loved to write and make up stories since she was a little girl. Her stories center around being kind, making good choices and working hard. “I hope to use the book at school.  I want to help reluctant writers to feel comfortable to put down their thoughts and work through their ideas.” 


Stephanie is married to Corey and has two children, Oliver and Hayden.  Look for a story about Stephanie in the Friday’s Sentinel News.