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HOUSES are Here!

We were proud to introduce Houses to our students recently!

Each student in the school has been sorted into one of four houses. The House of JOY, the House of EMPATHY, the House of TEAMWORK, and the House of SERVICE were created when Wright Elementary committed to focusing on four Core Values. As we collectively seek to improve our culture, we are stressing the importance of living lives that embody these attributes.

The Houses are a new legacy of which every student has a part. No matter what class they are in during their tenure in our school, they will always belong to their House. From Kindergarten to Fifth grade, the students will remain in their House.

The adults in our building have been sorted as well. With grade level and area representation throughout, we are creating and fostering new relationships that will have an immediate impact on our school's culture.

The HOUSE OF JOY is tasked with creating an environment of happiness and helpfulness within and without the walls of our school. Students and staff want our school to be a place where we all want to be. One of the keys to this effort is being joyful even when things don't go our way.

The HOUSE of EMPATHY is tasked with fostering an empathetic heart in our school and community. The difference between empathy and sympathy is action. We don't feel sorry for each other. We put ourselves into their shoes and solve problems.

The HOUSE OF TEAMWORK believes we are stronger together. They are working together to create a collaborative spirit in our school. We are focusing on trust and building relationships that extend beyond ourselves.

The HOUSE OF SERVICE is focused on reducing selfishness in our world. When we think about the needs of others and step up to take action without the expectation of getting something in return, we are serving others. When we can all be aware of this kind of thinking, our culture and world will improve.

Ask your student about their House! Ask them about earning points toward the year-end goal of winning the HOUSE CUP! Ask them how YOU can support them in their work toward changing the world for the better.