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Gotta Jet Running Club

Gotta Jet...

Wright's Running Club

3rd- 5th graders who are interested in cross country and enjoy movement and exercise are invited to participate in our running/jogging club.

-Practice will be each Wednesday, beginning March 15th through April 26th.

- Practice will be after school until 4:00pm 

-Families must provide their own transportation and be on time for pick-up; the pick-up line will be around the back, through the car-rider line.

- The number of participants is limited, so sign up ASAP.

-Students must have good behavior and a positive attitude! 

-$5 fee to cover the cost of the club tshirt (provided at the end of club)

Each practice, participants should bring

-A snack

-A water bottle

-Appropriate clothing to change into

-MUST wear running shoes. 

All forms are DUE by Friday, March 10th! 

Click HERE to print out the form.