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Farm Bureau Donation Inspires Students

Special Thanks to the Shelby County Farm Bureau women who donated the ag correct book, "How to Grow a Monster" to our elementary libraries.  For teachers who signed up, they also donated zucchini seeds, soil, and cups so students could grow their own monsters!  Ms. Beth Hoener at Wright Elementary shared her students' inspired learning in a thank you letter to Ms. Debbie Rothenburger.  We appreciate our community partners in education! 
Ms. Rothenburger,
Thank you so much for the donation of seeds and planting materials to our class. My students are having the best time with this hands-on learning opportunity, exploring planting, and caring for our zucchini plants. The students use math, writing, and inquiry skills as they study their plants daily and record noticings in their observation journals. Some beautiful social skills are arising, as students have named their plants and are sharing daily words of affirmation because we "all need kindness to grow". I have included a few pictures of my students enjoying this learning experience.
Thanks again,
Beth Hoehner