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Wright Elementary PTO Motivates Students with a Book Vending Machine

Today, March 20, 2023, students at Wright Elementary were called to the cafeteria for a school meeting. The Wright Elementary PTO had a HUGE present wrapped and ready to open. Principal Seth Green explained that the present was to be opened by a first grader who always had a smile and a positive outlook! When Mr. Green called his name, Felipe emerged from the crowd and enthusiastically ripped the paper and bow from the machine! A JETS book vending machine reading "Leaders are Readers" was applauded by the students and staff alike! 

According to Mr. Green, students will receive gold coins for their birthday, for achieving improving scores on MAP tests, and for other motivational reasons. Cherie Maynard, PTO President, was accompanied by Calista Craddock, and they were excited to be able to provide a "prize" that encouraged students to learn. "Instead of giving them pizza parties, or food rewards, this rewards them and motivates them to read and learn even more." 

Students who received Birthday Books today included: 

Santiago L.  4th grade
Aubree W.   Kindergarten
Brinley W.   3rd grade
Felipe B.   1st grade (chosen to unwrap the school gift)
The picture below is Miranda P. (3rd grade) who was in awe by the generous and exciting new addition to the school.
Miranda is excited about the new BOOK vending machine at Wright Elementary.