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Middle School Students were Recognized for the I-Excel Assessment.

The students recognized on September 28th all qualified through the I-Excel above-level assessment which required a 95% or higher on the national percentile compared to 8th graders which was ABOVE their level at the time they took the test. Congratulations to all!


Jamie Muniz Vazquez (MCMS), Avery Oliver (EMS), Alicia Richardson (WMS), Yamir Ruiz Casia (WMS), Lacie Seeman (EMS) Sarah Slodki (EMS), Claire Taylor (WMS), Elliot Underwood (EMS), Sadie Warren (EMS), Adelaide Young (EMS), Ian Belcher (MCMS), Jaylee Cooley (EMS), Mya Drake (MCMS), Max Gomelsky (WMS), Elijah Grider (WMS), Joshua Harris (EMS), Tristan Moudy (EMS).