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Ms. Jones and Ms. Moore visit New MCM Students from Simpsonville

(Simpsonville, KY) Ms. Donna Jones, principal of Marnel C. Moorman School, and Toni Moore, vice-principal, visited Simpsonville Elementary this morning bearing gifts for future students of MCMS. 

"Parco Construction, the builders of our school, has provided t-shirts for students to kick off the excitement of a new school year," said Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones and Ms. Moore spoke with students about the excitement of being in a new place and how innovative the building would be with Kindergarten through 8th graders.

"I've been at Collins High School for a long time," she told the students. "And while it seems scary to go to a new place in a new job, I'm excited to see what we can do!"  She asked the kids if anyone was worried about a new school.  When several hands went up, she assured them that they would work together to make MCMS the best school around!

Some students had questions for Ms. Moore and Ms. Jones.  One student asked, "What if no one knows where to go?" Ms. Jones answered, "It's a brand new building for everyone!  On the first day and during the first week we will have everything set up with lots of people to help you."

Another student asked if there would be baseball?  Ms. Jones said that currently EMS and WMS play together and that MCMS students would also play on that team.

A question about classes was raised and Ms. Jones explained about Advisory, Career and Tech Labs, and elective courses like Culinary, Robotics, and Biomed. Questions continued about lockers, hoodies, band and choir.  The excitement grew as Ms. Jones answered everything she could.

Moreover, Ms. Jones let the students know that she is working to hire teachers and staff and that as soon as she finishes her job as associate principal at Collins High School on May 28th, she will be in full swing as principal for MCMS.  "The summer will bring many answers to families and to students as we all work to open our new school together. Open houses and back to school bash dates will be communicated during the summer."  She also assured the students that the opening date of August 21 will be the first day of school.