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Remember Your Lunch Money

Shelby County participates in the Community Eligibility Program. This is a federally subsidized program that allows all elementary students to receive free breakfast and lunch. 

Our community is able to participate in this program because a certain percentage of elementary students qualify for free/reduced lunch status. This is determined by the number of applications that are turned in each year. Unfortunately, we have not had enough applications turned in at the middle and high school levels to qualify for all students in these schools to participate in the program.

We encourage all families (regardless of whether you qualify for F/R meals or not) to complete and return the paperwork that will be given out during Open Houses and/or the first few days of school.

Currently, middle and high school students who do not qualify for Free/Reduced status will need to pay for meals purchased at school.

Middle School Breakfast - $1.20

Middle School Lunch - $2.45