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Free Wireless Devices: 1 Million Project Foundation

Subject: Shelby County Public Schools will provide free wireless devices and service to eligible students

Again, this year, our school district is participating in the 1Million Project Foundation, a national effort to help high school students, achieve their full potential by providing them with a free mobile device with high-speed Internet access.  Last year, only eligible high school students could participate. This year, the 1Million Project Foundation has opened that up to all grades, K-12.

Participating in this program will help ensure that Shelby County students have the 24/7 Internet access they need to be successful in today’s school environment with SCPS@Home and SCPS@School. It can also help students gain the digital skills needed for today’s jobs. 

This is a completely free program for both our school district and for our students to participate in.

 What will Eligible Students Receive?

•   A free hotspot device (to connect a laptop or tablet to Wi-Fi)

•   10GB per month of free high-speed wireless data

 What Can I Do with My Device?

•   Online research for  school papers

•   Submit homework that must be submitted online

•   Connect online with teachers and fellow students

•   Complete scholarships or enrollment for college

•   Anything else (appropriate) online

Shelby County Public Schools is working to eliminate the inability to access the Internet at home so that students can be successful in a digital world.

In order to apply for a hotspot, please complete the following form by clicking here

Read more about the 1Million Project Foundation at