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Big Picture Students Looking for Mentors

People always ask children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” With each passing birthday, the weight of that question grows heavier and heavier, and students start to feel pressured to make life-altering decisions with very little information. By the time we reach high school, we are expected to have a career path in mind, and we are sent on our way to be trained and tested in our chosen fields. Before we can even drive a car, we have taken real steps toward becoming what we can only hope we will still want to be when we are grown up.

For some, choosing a college major, even at 18, can be a difficult task without having had an opportunity to explore. Some sources suggest that as many as 80% of undergraduate students will change majors at least once. As a result, many universities are now offering exploratory programs, so that students can make informed decisions when declaring a field of study.

Wouldn’t students be one step ahead of the game if they were given a chance to explore a variety of career fields in high school? What if kids could leave high school with knowledge gained from the classroom and real-world experiences, well-tailored resumes, professional references, and road maps giving step-by-step instructions to reach their goals? Imagine high school students having opportunities to pursue their passions and try new things, and all with the support of advisors who work to personalize learning for each individual student.

This idea of personalized learning in high school, where students can explore and discover what they really want to be when they grow up, isn’t just an idea; it’s Shelby County Big Picture Learning Academy, and ur students are looking for opportunities to learn from the real experts in and around our community. If you, or someone you know, would be willing to help one of our kids learn about a career, please let us know.

Uncle Sam, I Want You Poster

Our kids are looking to learn about the following areas:
-Animal Care
-Veterinary Services
-Early Childhood Education
-Elementary and Middle-Level Education
-English/Spanish Interpreter
-Small Engine Repair
-Paranormal Investigation
-Auto Repair
-Landscape Architecture
-Non-profit work
-Information Technology/Network Management
-Agriculture (Livestock)
-Industrial Maintenance
-Public Relations
-Other Possibilities are welcome!
Jarrod Taylor