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Congratulations to the 2022 Graduating Class!

Shelby County Public Schools students were awarded over $5 million dollars in scholarship awards. Special thanks to the caring and generous individuals and businesses in our community who give, our students who worked hard during their school career, and our caring teachers and staff, our graduates can have educational opportunities that will further their learning. 

Because of caring and generous community members, our students who worked hard during their school career, and our caring teachers and staff, 


TOTAL Scholarship money for 2022

Local  - $154,075

College - $5,107,370

KEES - $528,184

Total - $5,789,629


Scholarships and Awards

Shelby County Public Schools

Class of 2022

Local Scholarships


ADK - Alpha IOTA Eleanor Busey Scholarship Leigha Wise-SCHS


ADK - Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship Jacob Taylor-MLCHS


ADK - Alpha IOTA Susan Fields Scholarship Alex Cline-MLCHS


Angel on third: Blake Palmer Scholarship Foundation Trent Floden-MLCHS


Art Edinger Lyons ROTC Scholarship Nicholas Johnson-SCHS


Avery Farmer Memorial Scholarship: Madalein McIlquaham -MLCHS

Heaven Redmon-SCHS


Avery Farmer Military Scholarship Gaven Webster and Brianna Embers -SCHS



Brigadier General Ronald R. Van Stockum Scholarship Gillian Shepherd-SCHS


Cake and Candy Supply Scholarship Aubrey Rogers-MLCHS

Janyia Lewis, Kelsey Wright and Karmen Garcia-SCHS


Centenary United Methodist Church Scholarship Graycee Pratt, Olivia Krauss-MLCHS


Chamber of Commerce: Graycee Pratt and Abigail Creque-MLCHS

Ella Hoehner and Madeline Teale-SCHS


Cheryl Hood Memorial Scholarship Emma Swallows-MLCHS

Halie Bohn-SCHS


Cumberland Family Medical Centers Community Foundation Scholarship. Abigail Powell-MLCHS


Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship Abigail Powell-MLCHS


Distinguished Young Women Academy Scholarship Logan Rogers MLCHS -local and state awards

Caitlyn Stivers. Olivia Marlin, Leigha Wise SCHS

-local awards

Duanne B. Puckett Memorial Scholarship of Excellence Lucy Hasty-MLCHS

Sponsored by Shelby Life Magazine Joana Colorado Gomez-SCHS


EJI Equal Justice Initiative Emma Garland, Jacob Allen and Emma Swallows-MLCHS

TaNiah Marshall-SCHS


Emma Durham Memorial Scholarship Emily Coots-MLCHS

Heaven Redmon-SCHS


Elizabeth Johnson Memorial Scholarship Kaitlyn Perry-SCHS


Ernest Jennings Memorial Scholarship Ella Hoehner-SCHS


Harriet Poynter Musician Scholarship Fund Leigha Wise-SCHS


Harriet Poynter Scholarship Fund Shania Hyman-MLCHS Cultivate


Hubert & Woodrow Briscoe Scholarship Melanie Contreras Martinez-SCHS


KDE Powered by Inclusion Scholarship Elijah Smith-MLCHS

Cassidy French-SCHS


Jean Duke Edinger Nursing Scholarship: Katie Hinojosa-SCHS


Keaton McMurray Memorial Scholarship:  Timothy Kurtz-MLCHS


Kamin Family Scholarship Louisville Agriculture Club:  Ella Hoehner-SCHS


Jim and Mary Jo Wiley Scholarship:  Bradley Williams-MLCHS

Gavin Prewitt-SCHS


Kings Daughter & Sons Inc/Shelby County Fiscal Court: Kathryn McKeehan-MLCHS

Sarah Ortiz -SCHS-BPLA


Kiwanis Club Scholarship:  Graycee Pratt-MLCHS

Madeline Brangers-SCHS


Kyle York Addiction Prevention Scholarship:  Jewell Jackson-MLCHS

Sponsored by Last Days Motorcycle Ministry: Maddie Hauswald-SCHS


Laura Beth Floyd Memorial Scholarship:  Halie Bohn-SCHS


Lifetouch Scholarship: Lillie Ruddy-MLCHS

Amaiya Hughes-SCHS


Linda D. Taylor Scholarship: Emily Coots-MLCHS

Halie Bohn-SCHS


Louis B. Payne Scholarship: Fund Shania Hyman-MLCHS-Cultivate


Luis Coleman Jr. Scholarship: Xavier Jordan-MLCHS

Sarah Ortiz (SCHS-BPLA)


Matt Cockrell Memorial Scholarship: Sam Hodge-MLCHS

Ruby Sullivan-SCHS


Matt Cockrell Fine Arts Scholarship: Jacob Taylor-MLCHS


Martha Layne Collins Booster Scholarship: Jewell Jackson, Trent Floden-MLCHS


Max Performance Scholarship: Christina Williams-MLCHS


Mike and Betsy Miller Scholarship: Mishell Casia Tax-MLCHS


Mildred Casey Jennings Memorial Language Arts Scholarship: Denzil Hurt-MLCHS


NAACP Eunice Marie Payne Reed Scholarship: Regan Ross, Lucy Hasty, Angie Villatoro-MLCHS


National Lincoln Institute of KY Alumni Association: Emma Swallows-MLCHS


Nick Whitaker Scholarship: Mackenzie Koskella-MLCHS




Ralph Garrett Memorial Scholarship: Isabella Warford-MLCHS

April Blanton-SCHS


Retired Teachers Association Scholarship: Alex Cline-MLCHS

Janyia Lewis-SCHS


Robert Samples Memorial Scholarship: Halie Bohn, Madeline Teale-SCHS


Rotary Club Scholarship: Sara Beard, Trent Floden, Ethan Garland, Landon A. Hill, Jewel Jackson, Jesse Lowe, Madalein McIlquhan, Allen Wilson-MLCHS


Halie Bohn, Ella Hoehner, Makiyah Maze, Sarah Ortiz, Nova Schack, Olivia Smitha, Kat Taylor-SCHS


Salem Baptist Church Outreach: Chase Hammond, Elijah Patton-MLCHS


Samuel D. Hinkle IV Memorial Scholarship: Halie Bohn-SCHS


SERVPRO Scholarship: Elijah Smith-MLCHS

Shelby County Conservation District: Emma Allison, Linzie Brooks-MLCHS


Shelby County Education Association Scholarship: Emma Garland-MLCHS


Shelby County Education Foundation Scholarship: Karmen Garcia-SCHS


Shelby County Golf Foundation Scholarship: Wilson Raisor-MLCHS

Madison Elder-SCHS


Shelby County Lodge 51-FOP Scholarship: Parker Presley, Ryan Koval, Nathan Borders-MLCHS

Gavin Prewitt-SCHS


Shelby Energy Cooperative Scholarship: Trent Floden-MLCHS

Megan Ellis-SCHS


Shelby Energy Line Technician Scholarship: Chase Hammond-MLCHS


ShelbyKY Tourism & Visitors Bureau: Trent Floden-MLCHS

Ella Hoehner-SCHS


Susanne D Charette Van Stockum Scholarship: Karmen Garcia-SCHS



THE UPS Store Shelbyville College Bound Scholarship: Allen Wilson, Sara Beard-MLCHS

Kat Taylor-SCHS





AWARD—Kiwanis Best All-Around Female Sydney Eades-MLCHS

Ashley Murphy-SCHS


AWARD—Rotary Best All-Around Male-Rotary Ethan Garland-MLCHS

Gaven Webster-SCHS


Athlete of The Year Award – Female Christina Williams-MLCHS

Kenzie Tingle-SCHS


Athlete of The Year Award -Male Parker Presley-MLCHS

Gavin Prewitt-SCHS


Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award-Female Abigail Powell-MLCHS

Halie Bohn-SCHS


Scholar-Athlete of the Year Award-Male Evan Fields-MLCHS

Isaac Waldridge-SCHS



Daughters of American Revolution Citizenship Award Emma Swallow-MLCHS

Madeline Brangers-SCHS


AWARD Governor's School

Governor’s Scholar Program MLCHS: Jacob Allen, Isaac Belcher, Emma Garland, Graycee Pratt, Parker Presley, Jacob Taylor


Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs MLCHS: Evan Fields

Governor’s Scholar Program SCHS: Makiyah Maze, Alex Branch, Ruby Sullivan


JCTC African American Students of Excellence Award Caleigh Drye-SCHS


KHSAA Regional Athlete Award Abigail Powell-MLCHS


Bruce Edwards - Shelby County ATC Automotive Student of the Year Marvin Alvarez-MLCHS


Hispanic Achievers Award Gisella Aju Calel, Angie Villatoro-MLCHS


MLCHS Citizenship Award Megan Gill-MLCHS

MLCHS Leadership Award Parker Presley-MLCHS

MLCHS Service Award Kylie Peterson-MLCHS


SCHS Rocket Character Award Maria Bailey-SCHS


Ttian Book Award Sydney Eades-MLCHS


Phi Beta Kappa Award Isaac Waldridge-SCHS


Perfect Attendance Award Dylan Riddell-SCHS

Seal of Biliteracy Sydney Eades, Abigail Varney, Nancy Reyes Osorto, Marisol Vieyra,

Emely Olvera Tumax, Sherlyn Paz Balderas, Angie Villatoro Valiente,

Cole Martens-MLCHS


YMCA Black Achievers/Shelby County Exceptional Achiever Regan Ross-MLCHS



USMC Distinguished Athlete Award Isaac Belcher and Abigail Powell-MLCHS


USMC Music Award Program Sean Gannon-MLCHS


USMC Scholastic Excellence Award Emma Garland-MLCHS


Parent Volunteer of the Year Beth Sproul-MLCHS