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Ben Roberts Named Principal at Ascension Academy

(Shelbyville, KY) Ben Roberts began his career as a special education teacher. He worked in a middle school setting as a teacher and a PASS coach. In high school, he was a special education teacher who co-taught classes. At the elementary level, Ben was a Behavior Specialist.  Recently, as a behavior consultant for Shelby County Public Schools, he used his experiences at every grade level to collect data and support staff who were implementing goals for identified students that would enhance students’ social skills, self-control, mood management, and interpersonal relationships.


All of these experiences have led Ben to his most recent job appointment as Principal of Ascension Academy. Ascension is located on the Shelby County Public Schools campus next to Shelby County High School. As principal of this school, Ben will work with his staff to personalize learning and work to assist high school students toward graduation. 


Ben always wanted to lead a school.  “My dad was a principal and my mom was a teacher for thirty-plus years. I saw the impact that they both had on students and I want to lead a school and lead by example based on the role models I had growing up.”


Ben views Ascension Academy as an opportunity for Shelby County to aid and assist our students. He said, “The staff at Ascension is amazing. I think students who have struggled will find their voice at Ascension. Every student deserves to have a voice.”  Mr. Roberts's goal is that every student who enters the building will be better when they leave. “They will have the skills and structures they need to succeed.”  In five years, Mr. Roberts envisions Ascension Academy as a model for other educators to follow.” 


Ben is the father of two children, a one-year-old and a four-year-old. His wife, Katlin, is also in education. 


“I am excited about this amazing opportunity. We have a chance to do something special for Shelby County.”