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SCPS Holds Public Forums to Discuss Redistricting

On October 8th and 9th, community members, parents, and staff gathered in high school auditoriums as Mike Clark, Director of Student Services, presented the process and timeline for a redistricting process in Shelby County Public Schools. Another public forum is planned for December 10th at 6:00 pm at the Blair Center. The following was presented. 

The Marnel C. Moorman School, the newest K - 8 facility located at 501 Discovery Boulevard, is scheduled to open in the fall of 2019 with a capacity of 800 students. A committee consisting of parents, teachers and administrators across the Shelby County District has been formed to study the boundaries of current schools and the enrollment and capacity of each elementary and middle school. Their task is to create new boundaries for each school which will allow operation to occur at a target of 80% capacity in all of the district’s elementary schools. Approximately 300 elementary students and 300 middle school students will be redistricted to Marnel C. Moorman. This will reduce enrollment of other elementary schools and our high schools in the district.  Eighth grade students will no longer attend SCHS or MLCHS and will attend Marnel C. Moorman, West and East. All schools will be affected by this redistricting. West Middle School will feed both Collins High School and Shelby County High School.

At this time, no plan has been finalized or voted on by the board.

Committee Members for Redistricting:

  • One or Two Central Office Administrator(s): Mike Clark (Chair)
  • One Board Member -- Chair Brenda Jackson
  • One Assistant Principal or Staff Member from Each School
  • One Parent from Each School
  • One Community Member or Retired Educator

Criteria for Redistricting:  The following criteria will be utilized and discussed while formulating a plan for the redistricting of our community.

  • Building Capacity
  • Geographic Location
  • Neighborhoods
  • Potential for growth
  • Transportation

Mr. Clark also shared the potential growth and development in Shelby County.  He emphasized that with the growth of the county, SCPS is trying to be proactive so that we will not have to do this process at this extent for a while. 

To see some of the Frequently Asked Questions that were asked at the public forums on the 8th and 9th, click here. 

To see the power point presentation presented by Mr. Clark, click here. 

To peruse information about the new Marnel C. Moorman School, click here.

To see current (2018 - 2019) school boundary maps, click here.  Redistricted school boundary maps will be available at the December 10th meeting.