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SCPS hosts UK's Next Gen Leadership Academy

Shelby County Public Schools hosted the University of Kentucky's Next Generation Leadership Academy at the Blair Center on Thursday, November 8th. The UK Center for Next Gen Leadership is a network of students, teachers, leaders, and communities committed to upgrading educational systems to deepen the learner experience for every student.  Through collaborative research-practice partnership, they reimagine learning, teaching, leadership, and research to create and sustain innovation and transformation through leadership development, shared learning, and action research. 

Shelby County Public Schools presented their Profile of a Graduate, which was a collaborative effort with our community, and Dr. Neihof explained the importance of our Strategic Leadership Plan to help transform our schools systemically and successfully over the next four years.  The Strategic Leadership's top strand is about personalized learning which interests people throughout the state and across our nation.  Shelby County is hosting personalized leadership workshops for teachers, students and leaders to demonstrate our learning and implementation. 

To assist Dr. Neihof and the SCPS admin team, students from The Rock, Simpsonville and the Big Picture Learning Academy presented their project based learning projects as well as discussed their learning with the Next Gen Leaders. 


Big Picture Learning Academy presents at the Next Gen Leaders PD   Next Gen Leaders Listen to the Presentations   Dr. Neihof speaks to Next Gen Leaders