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Panther Coat Awarded at PSE

Painted Stone Elementary Awards it’s First Character Coat

(Shelbyville, KY.) On Wednesday, December 19th, Painted Stone Elementary’s gym was rocking with music and team chants. Drummers provided some beats to get everyone excited.  It was their last Morning Meeting of 2018 at Painted Stone. Today’s morning meeting held a special surprise for the students.

“The concept of morning meetings is to build community and establish norms, defining what it means to be a Panther at PSE,” said John Leeper, Deputy Superintendent. “Morning meetings show enthusiasm and bring school to life. Several schools in our district are utilizing this practice.”

Painted Stone has created families that spell out TEAM -- Team Tenacity, Team Encouragement, Team Achievement and Team Motivation.  Each team competes for points that are awarded when they demonstrate the mission of the school “Love. Learn. Lead.”

One student in particular has lived exceptionally the mission of the school. To reward the students, the staff wanted to award character coats or Panther Coats.  Today, they awarded the first one ever at Painted Stone Elementary. The recipient was Jade Gonzalez.

“What put her over the top was her intentional relationship building with staff, and her work ethic in the classroom,” said Ashley Warren, a fifth grade teacher at PSE.  According to Artavia Acklin, principal at PSE, the fifth grade teachers nominated students. The criteria was that they had to exhibit the mission of the school learning, loving and leading.  “All teachers vote. Bus drivers vote and cafeteria employees vote. We must have a ‘yes’ from everyone. Jade was unanimously voted as the first recipient of the character coat.”

Amber Garret said, “When I think of Jade I think of someone who is encouraging to her friends, who is helpful, not always recognized but always trying her best!  She is one of a kind!”

When asked how she felt about receiving the character coat award, Jade said, “I’m very excited.  I didn’t know I would win.” Jade mentioned her amazing teachers and “we have the best principal at Painted Stone.”  

Mr. Stone, assistant principal, was excited about putting a special sign with the recognition of the award in Jade’s yard today!  They want the community to know that she demonstrates daily how to “Love, Learn, and Lead.”

Special thanks to community members who helped make this possible.  Emily Cunningham has an embroidery business and embroidered Jade’s name on the jacket.  Sports Legends stitched the patches and letters on the jacket. The patches for the jacket were purchased by the PTO at Painted Stone.

Jade talks to Ms. Acklin about the Panther Coat. Jade gets a big hug from Ms. Acklin!